The first week of Collegiate Rocket League Fall 2022 is in the books and we have everything you might’ve missed.

From new schools dominating the pitch to old CRL titans making their return, we have you covered on the results from the first week of CRL Fall 2022 League Play.

CRL Fall 2022 | Day 1 Results

CRL Fall 2022 League Play - Day 1 Results (Image via CollegeCarball).
CRL Fall 2022 League Play - Day 1 Results (Image via CollegeCarball).

CRL Fall: New schools dominate the pitch

The Keyano Huskies shook up the CRL season by qualifying for the Fall split with two pickups from St. Clair College. 

In a live interview, Comp, formerly from St. Clair, spoke about his confidence in the new Keyano roster. Comp mentioned that the team's shared methodical approach to the game "lines up well for team play and getting synergy quicker".

He also shared the team’s goal of achieving top three in the west as they continued to develop team chemistry.

Comp and vitali scored their first win for the Huskies, 3-1 over St. Edwards University on Wednesday night. 

Fisher College make a splash

Fisher College got straight to it taking down fellow CRL first-timers, Indian River State College (3-1) and Université Laval (3-1).

With their roster comprised of RLCS players, including the Knights’ sosa, 26 RISING’s money, and Luminosity Gaming’s Kinseh, it’s no surprise that Fisher College already has their CRL sea legs.

Indian River State College shocked the fans and shout casters alike as they achieved a clean sweep over Stockton University. 

While Stockton recently picked up BWM and Ford Freestyle Champion, Trap, to replace Drip on the roster, fans expected them to take the series against IRSC after Stockton’s 4th place finish in the CCA Summer Series.

IRSC remains in the middle of the pack after picking up losses against newcomers Fisher College and Siena Heights University. 

CRL Fall 2022 | Day 2 Results

CRL Fall 2022 League Play - Day 2 Results (Image via RLEsports).
CRL Fall 2022 League Play - Day 2 Results (Image via RLEsports).

University of Akron: Return of the east titans?

After falling short of qualifying for the 2022 CRL World Championship, the former titans of CRL had to make a change to save their long-standing legacy. 

The CCA Summer Series saw the return of Oxygen Esports’ .tristn to the Akron roster, as well as the debut of Patty. These roster changes resulted in Akron securing 3rd-4th, a massive improvement over their recent event finishes.

Within the first week of CRL Fall 2022, Akron has already proven their dominance over CRL first-timers Brewton-Parker (3-1) and Ball State (3-1).

With four more weeks of league play remaining, only time will tell if Akron will reclaim its spot as CRL Champions. 

West Virginia University

Hot off a 2nd place finish in the CCA Summer Series, West Virginia started the season strong with wins over Ball State (3-1) and Penn State (3-2). The team also picked up their first loss against CRL veterans, Penn State, losing 2-3. 

Despite their first loss, West Virginia’s new player, Angel, formerly from AllMid, has shown himself to be a key component to the success of WVU’s first run in CRL.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is back in CRL Fall 2022 for the first time in nearly two years. Their roster features Imminent, a long-standing team member since 2020, and new pickups Airoh and ceeebzz.

Despite the long break and new roster, Oregon dominates across the western conference with wins against California State University - Fullerton (3-2) and a clean sweep against Grand Canyon University.

Other notable stories & Off-stream results

UNLV and Columbia: Titans of the west

CRL Titans, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, are back with a vengeance for CRL Fall 2022 after a dominant performance at the world championship. 

This week, the titans took down first-timers Grand Canyon University (3-1) and Keyano College (3-2), who did not go down without a fight.

UNLV ultimately reigned victorious over Keyano College in game five overtime.

Columbia College also had a dominant showing this week, picking up wins over Ball State (3-0), Missouri S&T (3-0), and UT Arlington (3-1) off-stream.

Off-Stream Results

Akron Zips 3-1 Brewton-Parker College
Boise State 0-3 Columbia College
Ball State 1-3 West Virginia 
Columbia College 3-0 Missouri S&T
Ball State 1-3 Northern Kentucky
Columbia College 3-1 UT Arlington
Brewton-Parker 3-0 Kennesaw State
CSUF 1-3 UT Dallas
Fisher College 3-1 Universite Laval
Grand Canyon 1-3 UNLV
Indian River State College 1-3 Siena Heights
Grand Canyon 0-3 Oregon
Brewton-Parker 3-0 Kennesaw State
Keyano 2-3 UNLV
Northern Kentucky 3-1 Rochester University
St. Edwards 1-3 UT Arlington
Northern Kentucky 2-3 Seton Hall
Northwood Blue 3-0 Rochester University

Looking Ahead to Week 2

CRL Fall 2022 Broadcast Schedule (Image via RLEsports).
CRL Fall 2022 Broadcast Schedule (Image via RLEsports).

Tune in on Wednesday, October 19th and Thursday, October 20th to watch the College Rocket League action continue live on Twitch. Additionally, be sure to follow along with the coverage here on

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