Ordnances are throwable weapons in Apex Legends that enhance the gameplay experience and provide creative means to deal with enemies in complex fights.

What are ordnances in Apex Legends?

Ordnances are throwable weapons in Apex Legends and there are currently three ordnances in the game, each with unique characteristics. Players that know how to use ordnances effectively can take advantage of this knowledge in gunfights to secure kills and wins. Especially when they understand each one's unique characteristics and use them creatively.

Available Ordnances in Apex Legends

At present, there are three main types of ordinances in Apex Legends:

  • Frag Grenades are explosive devices that deal damage in a wide radius.
  • Arc Stars stick to targets, explode, and damage and slow enemies within their radius.
  • Thermite Grenades create walls of thermite, inflicting continuous damage to those caught within their area of effect.

Apex Legends ordnance chart: Damage and unique characteristics

In the Apex Legends Season 18 patch notes, Respawn announced the impact area of Grenades has been increased.


  • Frag Grenade
    • Outer Radius increased to 350 units (was 320)
    • Inner Radius increased to 125 units (was 96)
  • Thermite
    • Adjusted fire VFX to better match damage area

Explosion Damage
Ignition Time
Frag GrenadeUp to 100
(10 damage on impact)
4s (after impact)Outer radius 350 units (Inner radius 125)Destroys doors.
Bounces, and rolls on impact until fuse arms. Pushes opponents caught within inner radius.
Arc Star Up to 75
(10 damage on impact)
2.5s (after impact)Out radius 350 units (Inner radius 72)Sticks on impact.
Destroys Doors.
Temporarily disables vehicles.
Slows opponents caught within radius for 5s.
Thermite Grenade25
(Single burn instance, can stack)
Instant240 radiusDestroys doors over time.
Lasts 8 seconds
Instances of burn stack.
Can be used to charge Rampage LMG.

Frag Grenades

Source: EA
Source: EA

A frag grenade is a versatile ordnance that excel in displacing enemies and providing strategic advantages. They are particularly effective against foes taking cover or hiding behind doors.

With a four-second delay between impact and explosion, Frag Grenades bounce off surfaces and roll downhill before detonating. Moreover, when thrown vertically, Frag Grenades explode instantly upon impact, making them potent deterrents against pursuing enemies.

The explosion inflicts heavy damage and staggers players within the inner radius. Depending on the distance from the grenade, the damage dealt can range from 1-100. Remember that they also deal 10 bonk damage but this can often result in the grenade bouncing off an opponent and further away from them.

Arc Stars

Source: EA
Source: EA

Arc Stars are versatile shuriken-shaped explosives that are capable of slowing opponents down and disrupting their movement in an engagement. Unlike frag grenades, they stick to opponents and surfaces. Additionally, they also have a significantly faster projectile launch speed than frags and thermites, making them easier to aim.

A well-aimed arc star ordnance can dictate the flow of an engagement or a 1v1 situation. They also share some attributes with Frag Grenades. In that, they can destroy doors, and the splash damage they deal depends on the distance between opponents and the explosion.

They do differ in the effect though. Where frags knock back enemies and displace them, Arc Stars have a slow-down effect and a momentary blurring of vision. They also uniquely disable tridents for a very short duration.

Thermite Grenades

Image Source: EA
Image Source: EA

Thermite Grenades are the Molotov cocktails of Apex Legends, creating an eight second wall of flame upon detonation. Opponents stepping on the thermite suffer 4 burn damage per second in the flames and an over-time burn effect of 25 damage.

The damage can stack based on duration, potentially leading to a kill against even red shields. Like frags and arc stars, thermites also destroy doors, albeit with a slower DPS effect, instead of instantly destroying them.

The six-meter wall of flames from a thermite can prove to be an effective area denial tool in fights, and also a means to slow down pursuers. A trickier Apex Legends Ordnance to use effectively, but so satisfying when it hits.

Additional tips and tricks for using an Apex Legends Ordnance

Image Source: EA
Image Source: EA

There is a myriad of ways to use an Apex Legends Ordnance. These include special use-case scenarios where ordnances synergize with specific legends and their abilities. There are also legends with abilities that act as effective deterrents against ordnances.

  • Fuse's passive allows him to carry two ordinances in the same inventory slot. In addition to this, he has a wrist launcher that allows him to toss ordnances much further and faster than regular legends can. This launcher can be toggled to enable a regular throw as well.
  • Ordnances are also extremely effective when used in combination with Fuse's ultimate ability, the Motherlode. They make it even more difficult for opponents caught within the radius of the mortar flame.
  • Horizon's ultimate is an ability that synergizes brilliantly with ordnances, as demonstrated by NRG's Nafen during the MFAM Gauntlet.
  • Ordnances are an excellent way to counter Gibraltar's dome ability when timed right. They're almost certain to catch anyone who dilly-dallies long enough inside Gibby's dome.
  • Wattson's ultimate Interceptor Pylon zaps incoming ordnances mid-air before the explode, protecting her squad from them.
  • Knockdown shields, when active and aimed at an incoming frag or arc star can absorb its damage.
  • Apex Legends Ordnances can prove effective deterrents against enemies hiding behind Rampart or Newcastle cover.

Additionally, the Thermite Grenade also finds an extra use case with the Rampage LMG. The gun gains an increased rate of fire alongside the ability to destroy doors when charged with a thermite.

An ordnance can also ruin the day for anyone unfortunate enough to be respawning on the map and getting third-partied by a squad that's tossing various explosives around their landing zone.

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