If you want to strike fear into the hearts of opponents, there is no better way than buying the Call of Duty El Chupacabras bundle.

Call of Duty is back with another bundle for both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This one is the stuff of legend, for all your cryptid fans out there. You can get your hands on the El Chupacabras bundle in Call of Duty and represent the iconic folklore monster.

We've got you covered with all the details, such as what's included and how much it will cost you to own the bundle.

Everything in the El Chupacabras Bundle in Call of Duty

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Like all other Call of Duty bundles, El Chupacabras is available in your store. At the time of writing, it is a part of the featured section of that shop. Here is everything you can obtain if you decide to buy it:

  • Leyenda Operator Skin (Valeria)
    • Shotgun Slayed (Finishing Move)
  • No Mames (Holger 26 Weapon Blueprint)
  • Fierro Pariente (HRM-9 Weapon Blueprint)
  • Cazador (Weapon Charm)
  • Desde El Infierno (Large Decal)
  • Bajo La Luna (Weapon Sticker)
  • 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token

The bundle comes as an entire collection of items. You cannot buy anything from El Chupacabras in Call of Duty separately. So, if anything stands out, you'll need to purchase the complete set to add it all to your account.

How much does the bundle cost?

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

The bundle is less than the Tracer Packs you often see in the Call of Duty store. El Chupacabras comes in at 1,800 COD Points. There is no COD Point selection worth that exact amount, however.

You'll either have to add to your existing COD Points with the $9.99 1,100 purchase or go slightly over with the $19.99 2,400 option. The game has a list of COD Point bundles available to view through its store.

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