Should you get the Vault Edition or Standard Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6?

Black Ops 6 has officially announced its two editions being released, and players are trying to decide which to purchase. The new Call of Duty game, which releases on October 25, 2024, will have a Standard Edition and a Vault Edition.

So which one is better?

Vault Edition vs. Standard Edition: Which Black Ops 6 Edition is better?

When purchasing one of the Black Ops 6 Editions, many gamers will want to do their research on which provides more bang for your buck. While Vault Edition obviously provides players with a more immersive experience, is it really worth the extra money?

Black Ops 6 Vault Edition price:

  • $99.99 USD

Black Ops 6 Standard Edition price:

  • $69.99 USD

Both Editions are available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. So is a $30 difference worth it? Or would it be better for players to just stick with the Standard Edition?

Let's break down each package.

Vault Edition

While the Vault Edition is $30.00 more than the Standard Edition, it does have quite a bit of extra additions that players might enjoy.

Everything included in Vault Edition:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6
  • Early Access to the Open Beta
  • Woods Operator Pack
  • Hunters vs. Hunted Operator Pack
  • Mastercraft Weapon Collection
  • BlackCell (1 Season)
  • GobbleGum Pack for Zombies

Seems like a lot of extra content to enjoy, right? Well, let's check out the Standard Edition.

Standard Edition

While Standard Edition may be cheaper, it still does not disappoint in content.

Everything included in Standard Edition:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6
  • Early Access to the Open Beta
  • Woods Operator Pack

The Standard Edition still gives gamers a free pack and early access to the open beta. Pretty legit, right? Well, there is even more.

Upon release, the Standard Edition will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. So if you are an Xbox player, is it even worth getting the Vault Edition of Black Ops 6? It seems not, as players who have Game Pass can play the game for free.

So which Edition are you getting?

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