Call of Duty has added a free Gift Pack to its store in MW3 and Warzone, providing weapon camos to celebrate Pride Month.

Call of Duty is celebrating the 2024 Pride Month with a free Gift Pack for players in MW3 and Warzone. You can claim a handful of skins that represent the various pride flags of the LGBT+ community.

If you want to show your pride in COD, let us walk you through how to do so.

Everything in the free Call of Duty Pride Gift Pack

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There are nine total items in the Pride Gift Pack. Most of them are weapon camos, with a couple of other accessories included:

  • Traditional Pride Weapon Camo
  • Bisexual Pride Weapon Camo
  • Lesbian Pride Weapon Camo
  • Nonbinary Pride Weapon Camo
  • Pansexual Pride Weapon Camo
  • Transgender Pride Weapon Camo
  • Asexual Pride Weapon Camo
  • Traditional Pride Weapon Sticker
  • Traditional Pride Weapon Charm

You can get this bundle to show your support or express your representation and identity across a large variety of the LGBT+ community.

How to claim the free Pride Gift Pack for MW3 and Warzone

You'll find the Gift Pack in the Call of Duty store for a limited time (Screenshot via
You'll find the Gift Pack in the Call of Duty store for a limited time (Screenshot via

It isn't too difficult to get yourself some free weapon camos and accessories in Call of Duty with the Pride Gift Pack.

Follow these steps to claim it:

  1. Launch Call of Duty HQ
  2. Open either MW3 or Warzone
  3. Navigate to the Store
  4. Scroll down to the Trending section of bundles and packs
  5. Select the Gift Pack that includes the Pride camos
  6. Choose to claim the gift and receive all of its contents absolutely free

You can put the camos from the free Pride Gift Pack on any weapon in Call of Duty: MW3 or Warzone. It does explicitly state that you can't use these in past editions of COD, such as MW2 or DMZ. Happy Pride Month, and enjoy your free skins!

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