The Atomgrad Raid has quite the challenge built into it with the code puzzle. But don’t fret. We have the solution!

The new season of Call of Duty (CoD) features the first-ever Raid in the series. The Atomgrad Raid has players continue the Modern Warfare II (MWII) story, where Price, Farah and Gaz find a hidden bunker. Tasked with exploring it and uncovering its secrets, players have to fight through the bunker and solve different puzzles. The Atomgrad Raid is quite the challenge, with the code puzzle being the first of many hurdles, but don't worry, we have the solution.

CoD MWII screenshot. Image via Activision.
CoD MWII screenshot. Image via Activision.

Solving Atomgrad's Raid code in CoD MWII

After clearing out the first area of the bunker, players will be faced with the main puzzle of the Atomgrad Raid. Atomgrad's code puzzle makes multiple appearances throughout the Raid and is confusing at first. Players have access to two rooms, each with a set of CCTV cameras and a code machine. Essentially, each CCTV camera has a channel that shows a code and symbols. Players will have to take turns punching in codes to the machine with the information seen in the code rooms.

One of the two code rooms in the Atomgrad Raid. Image via Activision.
One of the two code rooms in the Atomgrad Raid. Image via Activision.

Players will have to use these codes in the code rooms to access the next area. The machine where players punch in the code displays a combination of letters and symbols. This means players will have to take the codes from the machine and match the corresponding codes from the code rooms to get the three access codes to unlock the door.

Accessing the Atomgrad Raid

Season 1 of MWII introduces the Atomgrad Raid among other features. The Atomgrad Raid is not unlocked by default, but can easily be unlocked in multiple ways. Players will have to complete one of three challenges to unlock a Raid ticket to obtain access. There are challenges for each main game mode of MWII: Multiplayer, Warzone 2.0, or DMZ. The challenges are as follows:

  • Completing a specific Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Special Ops
  • Place within the top 20 in any Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Playlist
  • Extract in DMZ with at least $30,000 cash

Once completed, players as a party of three can access the Raid through the Special Ops menu and attempt to complete the Raid. Only one person in the party needs a Raid pass.

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