Here’s how to get your hands on the first of four mastery camos in MW2.

With the start of every new Call of Duty game cycle comes a brand new and renewed camo grind. This camo grind has never been more popular than at the start of MW2.

The camo grind has been simplified for Modern Warfare 2. Instead of having 10 challengers per weapon and 10 camos per challenge, it's been cut down to be more digestible.

The new system has just four camos per weapon to unlock. As soon as you unlock each camo, they are then available to use on your entire arsenal of weaponry.

Which four challenges you have to complete will depend on what kind of weapon you are trying to use. The Assault Rifle challenges are incredibly different to the Sniper Rifle ones, for example.

The four challenges will unlock at different stages of levelling up the weapon you are using. Typically, the fourth challenge will be unlocked by the second-to-last level of the gun.

Every different camo challenge:

  • 50 kills (assault rifles)
  • 10 double kills (assault rifles)
  • 50 ADS kills (assault rifles)
  • 15 kills from behind (assault rifles)
  • 50 kills (sub-machine guns)
  • 50 ADS kills (sub-machine guns)
  • 75 headshots (LMGs)
  • 45 mounted kills (LMGs)
  • 400 kills (shotguns)
  • 75 hipfire kills (shotguns)
  • 50 point-blank kills (shotguns)
  • 30 reload kills (shotguns)
  • Get 50 kills (marksman rifles)
  • Get 30 kills while crouched (marksman rifles)
  • 50 one-shot kills (sniper rifles)
  • 50 longshots (sniper rifles)
  • 45 holding breath kills (sniper rifles)

How to get the Gold camo

Unlike in previous Call of Duty titles, which had the Gold camos unlock automatically after finishing all camo challenges, there is one further challenge you need to complete.

This challenge is universal across all weapons, making it easier to understand what is needed from you in order to unlock the Gold camo. You need to get a certain number of kills without dying depending on the weapon you are using.

Every gun except the Rocket Launchers in the game requires you to get three kills without dying 10 times in order to unlock the Gold camo in MW2. The launchers only require two kills without dying. That will only be available after you have already gotten the four previous camos too.

What to do after getting Gold camo?

After unlocking Gold on all of the guns in a certain class, you will unlock the opportunity to go back through those weapons and complete a further challenge to unlock the Platinum camo for each of those guns.

The Platinum camo in MW2. Photo via Activision.
The Platinum camo in MW2. Photo via Activision.

Once you have unlocked the Platinum camo on all 51 weapons in the base game of MW2, then you will unlock another set of challenges. This time, it's to get your hands on the Polyatomic camo. If you complete that challenge with all 51 guns, then your final reward will be the Orion camo for all of your guns.

Don't worry, no more challenges are needed completing for that one.

Orion camo in MW2, photo via Activision.
Orion camo in MW2, photo via Activision.

That's the top-tier reward in MW2 in terms of mastery camos. The camo grind in MW2 is so much more inviting than it has been in previous years. It's accessible and frankly easy compared to how it has been in the past. It all starts with how to unlock the Gold camo in MW2 and it might even finish countless hours deep with the completion of the mastery camos.

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