Push the robot to victory.

CoD Mobile has a variety of different modes each of which offers a different playing experience to fans. Activision continuously keeps fans hooked with new modes as well. Now, the developer has introduced a new round-based mode called Safeguard in CoD Mobile Season 7 called Heat Wave.

Before you jump into the new mode, here’s everything you need to know about it and some tips to get you ahead of the competition before your first match.

How to play the Safeguard mode in CoD Mobile?

If you have ever played Overwatch, you will be familiar with the Payload mode. In this, players have to escort a bounty towards the other end of the map while keeping the enemies at bay. The new Safeguard mode in CoD Mobile is essential. The 5-vs-5 team-based mode puts players on either the attacking or defending side.

The attacking side has to push a robot across the map within three minutes. They need to stand in close proximity to the robot to make it move ahead. The defending team, on the other hand, has to stop the robot from reaching its destination before the time limit.

If you shoot at the robot continuously, you will be able to disable it. This completely stops the robot and the attacking team has to gather around it to enable it again.

The Safeguard mode in CoD Mobile is round-based mode that can go up to three rounds. The first team to win two rounds will win the match. Each round can last up to three minutes.

Tips to play the new mode

Image by Activision
Image by Activision

The new mode not only prioritizes teamwork but also puts importance on firepower while being a very fast-paced mode. With the main objective roaming around the map that can be viewed by all, you will be engaged in gunfights a lot in this mode. Here are some tips to get you ahead:

  • Split up on attack: The best way to effectively push the robot in CoD Mobile's Safeguard mode is to split up. There should be a player guarding the robot at all times to prevent it from getting disabled which could cost your team the round. Effectively splitting up with one or two players keeping back while the rest push the robot could be the main way to win the mode easily.
  • Group up on defense: An opposite of the strategy for attack, on the defense side, it's best to group up. All you need to stop the attack is basically a lot of gunfire. The only way to ensure this is to be grouped up and take down the enemies together. Remember, you are defending so it's okay to pick a corner and just camp there.
  • Smokes aren’t your friend: If you are on the attacking side in the Safeguard mode of CoD Mobile and think that just smoking the robot will help you move ahead, this could be counter-intuitive. Firstly, the robot is visible to enemies through the hitmakers. They can continue shooting at the slow-moving robot from a distance while you are blinded by your own smoke.
  • Kill the enemies first: On the defending side, it might seem more important to shoot at the robot, but that’s not always the case. Kill the enemies first and then take down the robot.

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