One of the best SMGs of Season 7 is not tough to unlock.

CoD Mobile Season 7, Heat Wave, brings a ton of new content including the weapon, the Striker 45 SMG. The weapon first appeared in Modern Warfare, and now the extremely versatile SMG has made its way to mobile as well. Here’s the complete guide on how you can unlock and use the Striker 45 SMG in CoD Mobile Season 7.

How to unlock the Striker 45 SMG in CoD Mobile Season 7?

As usual, CoD Mobile keeps all new weapons and items free for all players to unlock. The Striker 45 SMG is no exception. The weapon can be unlocked by advancing to tier 21 of the Battle Pass. On the way, you will even have unlocked the new Tac-Deploy Operator Skill at tier 14.

The Striker 45 in CoD Mobile Season 7 is one of the best SMG weapons to utilize. To be quick in unlocking it, make sure to play more multiplayer and battle royale passes which will give Battle XP. Additionally, there are daily and seasonal missions you can complete to get more XP and advance through the tiers.

The basic statistics of the weapon are as follows. The SMG has a lower fire rate but makes up for it with high damage.

  • Damage: 34
  • Fire Rate: 60
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Mobility: 76
  • Range: 44
  • Control: 57

Here are the best loadouts to use

The Striker 45 SMG makes for an extremely versatile weapon that can be used at close range, long range, or even as a camper. The best loadout for each of these is as follows:

Close Range

At close range, your main priority will be ensuring the weapon is mobile so you can effectively hip-fire at your enemy. A good laser sight is also essential.

  • MIP laser 5mw
  • Sleight of hand
  • XRK Gen III Survivalist Series
  • 150mm stainless steel
  • 45 round magazine

Medium Range

An SMG is made for short to medium-ranged combat. However, if you are someone who likes to shoot at enemies from afar, this Striker 45 loadout which ensures an increased range and control for the weapon will come in handy.

  • MIP laser 5mw
  • Merc foregrip
  • 400mm stainless steel
  • Monolithic suppressor
  • 45 round magazine

Camper Loadout

Lastly, the camper loadout is below. This loadout prioritizes control over anything else since that is the most important part when you are camping and holding a corner.

  • Red dot sight
  • Strike foregrip
  • Tactical suppressor
  • FSS guardian
  • 45 round magazine

Best General Loadout

While these are great loadouts, if you don't have a particular playstyle and like to use the gun generally, here’s the best loadout you can go for:

  • 45 round mags
  • 400mm stainless steel
  • Monolithic suppressor
  • OWC laser-tactical
  • Operator foregrip

We hope these loadouts help you in your games. Check out for more CODM content.

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