Learn how to report bugs in Counter-Strike 2 and help make the game better!

With the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Beta in full swing, and hundreds, if not thousands of players taking part, it's inevitable that bugs are being found. As part of a beta test, it’s definitely worth reporting and contributing to making Counter-Strike 2 even better. Here’s how to report bugs in Counter-Strike 2 to the developers:

How to reports CS2 bugs

On Twitter, the official Counter-Strike Twitter laid out the steps for reporting bugs in CS2:

This comes after an earlier message by Gabe Follower which echoed similar sentiments.

Reporting Counter-Strike 2 bugs

Just incase you’re Twitter averse, or need a bit of help, here’s all the steps to sending a CS2 bug report.

  • Write an email addressed to [email protected]
  • Title your email “CS2LT Bug -” followed by a brief description of the bug
    • (For example: Subject: CS2LT Bug - I keep dying when shot)
  • In the email, give a more detailed explanation of the bug, and what was causing it. Be specific with your hardware specs, and if you can replicate the bug, or if you have had it multiple times.
  • If you have video of a bug, upload it online and provide a link so developers can view it. Some people suggest playing with streaming software like OBS running to record the gameplay.
  • Send the email and help the process!

We’d suggest not expecting a response from the Valve developers. They’re likely very busy, and swamped with bugs as is. However, you may receive a follow-up from asking for more details.

On the other hand, we 100% suggest not emailing this account to request access to the Limited Beta. It’s only going to clog up their inbox, and likely will ensure you’re one of the last people who get their hands on Counter-Strike 2

What bugs have been affecting CS2, Counter-Strike 2?

At the moment, for most players, the game has been remarkably stable. However, as recent patch notes detail there are a few issues, which are now resolved. 

These include some audio issues, crashes, bullet holes not displaying properly, and others. Our favorite was definitely this: 

“- Players can no longer pick up weapons while dead during a competitive match.”

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