Shogun has officially been renewed for two more seasons.

The hit FX show, Shogun, has officially been renewed for two more seasons, despite the source material already running out.

So is this a big win for the show? Or are the producers proving that they will sacrifice the integrity and content of a story just for money?

Hiroyuki Sanada to return for 2 new seasons of Shogun

Lead actor, Hiroyuki Sanada (Lord Yoshii Toranaga), has already signed on to return for the next two seasons of Shogun. While the original source material, written by James Clavell and published in 1975, only covers the first season, FX is determined to create more content surrounding the popular show.

So what does this mean? Well, it seems like Hiroyuki Sanada is working with showwriters to create additional content. The show does end before a looming war begins, meaning there definitely is a plot that could be written.

But will it be successful? Or will we see another ending similar to Game of Thrones? Where the source material ran out and the show-writers had to create the last three seasons only from what George R. R. Martin told them about the plot.

Will Shogun Season 2 and 3 be good?

Obviously, there is no way to directly answer this question. There is a lot of speculation on whether or not the next two seasons will be successful. Surely, season two of Shogun will pull in quite a few viewers. Season three, though, will only succeed if season two does.

While there has been no start date for filming, season two is already in the lab being written. Hopefully, the writers create something unique that adds to this popular story. The last thing we want is a poor script made only to pull in money.

What are your thoughts on Shogun being renewed for two more seasons?

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