A rivalry told throughout comic book history finds its way into MultiVersus, with the Team Batman vs. Team Joker event.

A new MultiVersus event is here, pitting Team Batman vs. Team Joker. It lasts through the middle of June, with new daily missions and extra points if you wear the right skins.

We'll go over all the details for the event and what you can do to propel your team to victory.

Team Batman vs. Team Joker event dates in MultiVersus

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

MultiVersus added an extra date to the Team Batman vs. Team Joker event. It runs from June 11 until June 19.

Each day of the event, MultiVersus will add new Missions in the Missions tab. Complete these throughout the given time period to participate.

Event rewards

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

There are four images waiting for you to reveal them in this MultiVersus event. You'll need to complete the aforementioned missions, which provide a certain amount of points to the team you represent.

If you wear one of the Team Batman vs. Team Joker skins during the event, you'll increase the amount of event points earned. That all then goes towards unlocking the following:

  • Choosing Sides: x500 XP
  • Team Batman: x1,000 XP
  • Team The Joker: x600 Fighter Currency
  • Unexpected Alliances: Jason Mask for Black Adam

Check back when the countdown on the mission page refreshes for new ways to earn points. You'll progress through your Battle Pass, earn Fighter Currency to unlock new fighters, and get the iconic hockey mask of Jason Voorhees to place on Black Adam.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

There are no other specifics for how the challenges need to be done. There's not a special queue or any rules, you just need to dive into your game mode of choice and complete the mission actions, and you'll be on your way to the rewards.

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