Looking for games similar to Fortnite?

Whether you are a traditional Battle Royale player, or you enjoy a little spunk in your game, there are many games out there that give off similar vibes to Fortnite. While Fortnite may still stand out amongst them all, there are plenty of other options for gamers looking to branch out.

Here are the five best games like Fortnite.

Games like Fortnite

While there are many Battle Royales out there, some successful and some not, Fortnite still holds number one in many gamers' hearts. Since the game's release in 2017, the game has seen a player base well into the millions, making it arguably the most popular game in the world.

So what games out there are similar to the popular Battle Royale? Here are the best games like Fortnite.

5. Fall Guys

Starting with number five is Fall Guys. This game is similar to Fortnite in the sense that is not like any other traditional Battle Royale. Fall Guys is a Platform Battle Royale, throwing players through a mixture of different mini-games until only one is left.

Each match could last for quite a while, as you never know what mini-games you will end up playing. The game first gained traction back in 2020 but did not really pick up until Epic Games made it free in 2021.

Since then, the game has become increasingly popular and even has been announced to be getting a collaboration with Fortnite.

4. PUBG: Battlegrounds

Releasing before Fortnite, PUBG: Battlegrounds is a great alternative if you are looking for a different Battle Royale to play. The game takes on a bit more realistic look, while still giving players a chance to make their character their own.

PUBG was only released a few months before Fortnite but was quickly overshadowed by the game's popularity. Still, the developers pushed through, hoping to keep PUBG on the map. Eventually, PUBG: Mobile was released, which became a massive hit.

While people still play regular PUBG, it is argued that the Mobile game is even more popular now, with many esports tournaments taking place under the game's title.

3. Apex Legends

You can't have a list of the best games like Fortnite without including Apex Legends. When first released, many expected Apex Legends to be the end of Fortnite. This was not the case, though. Still, the Battle Royale felt new and fresh.

Eventually, Apex Legends saw a surge with big streamers like Nickmercs and more streaming it. Now it is one of the biggest games in the world with a massive esports scene.

What made Apex Legends stand out was the option of different operators to choose from with different powers. No other popular Battle Royale had done this, making Apex Legends one of a kind. It is the perfect alternative for those that love Fortnite, due to its fast-paced action.

2. Warzone

I'm sure you guessed Warzone would make it high up on a list of the best games like Fortnite. The popular Call of Duty Battle Royale has been an absolute hit since its release. With multiple seasons, maps and battle passes (just like Fortnite), Warzone has grown with quite the player base.

The game takes Call of Duty mechanics, which are loved and appreciated by most gamers for their smoothness, and puts them into a large-scale Battle Royale.

What makes Warzone stand out is the Gulag, a get-out-of-jail system where players get another chance to come back without having to be revived by a player. It is safe to say that Warzone is easily one of the best games out there that is like Fortnite.

1. 1v1.lol

If you have not heard of 1v1.lol then you are missing out. This game is basically Fortnite but with Roblox graphics. The popular game is available via mobile and PC and is quite similar to Fortnite. Like, literally. They are the same game.

1v1.lol has building. It has Zone Wars. It has Battle Royale mode. It has everything that Fortnite has. Even the weapons are the same. What's crazy, though, is that many 1v1.lol players have not even played Fortnite before, and started with the smaller Battle Royale.

1v1.lol is a great alternative if you are looking for something different to play, but still want that unique feel that Fortnite has. With building and editing being in both games, 1v1.lol is the perfect match for Fortnite players.

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