Did Fortnite accidentally remove a vital feature for controller players?

The Quick Weapon Draw feature in Fortnite has been a big hit for controller competitors since it was first released years ago. But now, it seems like many are finding that the recent update to the game might have renewed the feature.

So did Fortnite get rid of Quick Weapon Draw?

Is Quick Weapon Draw still in Fortnite?

The big question many people are asking is whether or not the Quick Weapon Draw feature is still in Fortnite.

While the update seems to have removed the option for controller players, it seems like this was a mistake on Epic's end. Luckily, many have confirmed on Reddit and Twitter that they had contacted Epic Support and Quick Weapon Draw is being added back into the game as soon as possible.

Hopefully, we see the feature added back into the game by the end of the day, but it could take a little longer than some may hope for.

What is Quick Weapon Draw?

Curious as to what Quick Weapon Draw in Fortnite is? Well, if you are a keyboard and mouse player, then this is something you are already accustomed to. For the longest time, controller players didn't have the luxury of pulling out whatever weapon or item they wanted on command.

Originally, only keyboard and mouse players were able to press a button and immediately have a shotgun or AR. With controller, you would have to shuffle through items using L and R. Obviously, this put controller players at a huge disadvantage.

Eventually, Fortnite released the Quick Weapon Draw feature for controller players. What this feature does it allow players to bind specific weapon slots to specific weapons. Want to pull out your shotgun immediately? Press X. Want to pull out an AR on command? Press Y.

You get the picture.

With this being out of the game again, many are having to adjust back to the old days while they wait for the feature to get added back. Hopefully, Fortnite will fix it sooner than later.

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