Fortnite’s update on May 16 took a lot of players by surprise.

So what just happened in Fortnite? It seems like the new update on May 16 gave fans a live event to help prepare them for the ending of Chapter 5, Season 2.

But what exactly happened in the Fortnite May 16 update? And why is it so significant?

What happened in Fortnite during the May 16 update?

While Fortnite is notoriously good for giving players a defined countdown for their live events, it seems they were a bit more secret for this one.

The Sandstorm event, which took place on May 16, 2024, had players in a frenzy, as the map is preparing to change for the next season.

So what exactly happened during the Sandstorm event?

Fortnite's Sandstorm event: A recap

The Sandstorm event was quite legendary within the world of Fortnite. The event, which took place at 2 p.m. EST on May 16, 2024, started with players being thrown into a zero gravity effect.

While watching from the sky, the historical Fortnite event began.

Earlier this week, a large cloud formed over Mount Olympus, signifying a storm that would eventually brew. The event started with the large statue shooting lightning bolts into the clouds - a formation of chaos.

The statue then struck Pandora's Box with his lightning, turning its color to yellow. After more lightning is fired at Pandora's Box, a sphere then appears. The sphere ends up rolling away as a massive sandstorm then engulfs the island.

Pandora's Box is now no more (it sank into the river).

Are you prepared for Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3?

With Zeus and Hades battling it out on the island, many gamers are awaiting the season finale. How do you think the season will end and shoot us off into Season 3?

While many have hypothesized, we still do not know everything about what Chapter 5, Season 3 will entail.

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