This is everything you need to know about Fortnite’s newest Grenade item.

The Shield Breaker EMP Grenade is the newest addition to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 loot pool. Unlike a transitional Grenade, the Shield Breaker EMP damages your opponent's shield and temporarily turns off electronic devices.

This item is worth carrying, considering how much shield damage it inflicts, coupled with its ability to turn off electronics in the immediate area.

Here is everything you need to know about the EMP Grenade, including where to find and how to use it.

Shield Breaker EMP Grenade breakdown

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

After teasing this new throwable weapon earlier, the EMP Grenade is now in-game. The item does what the name implies, dealing 70 shield damage on hit and turning off all electronics in the area for 25 seconds.

The electronic devices affected by the Shield Breaker EMP Grenade include Business Turrets, Cars, Lasers, Vending Machines, and Cameras. As a result, this item would make navigating Vaults much easier while also thwarting an opponent's escape attempt.

Here are some statistics worth remembering when you come across a Shield Breaker EMP while in a match:

  • Stacks up to six in your inventory
  • Deals 70 shield damage
  • It does not deal any damage to HP
  • Disables electronics for 25 seconds
  • Can explode Fishing Spots
  • It can be used to siphon Gold bars from vending machines

Where to find the new EMP Grenade

The Shield Breaker EMP Grenade is available in-game after yesterday's false alarm. You can find the item in all the usual spots, including Chests and Heist Bags. Additionally, you can purchase the Grenade from the "Mae" non-player character (NPC) for 50 Gold.

Epic Games' hotfix update is live, so jump into Fortnite, and you can try the new EMP Grenade out. Be sure to test it out in the Vault areas and see how effective they can be when breaking open those loot-filled structures.

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