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How to Bypass Fortnite Queue

Here’s what you can do to get a foothold in the Fortnite event queue.

Epic Games will have an event for the end of OG Fortnite on December 2, 2023. With millions of players expected to log in to the game to experience this event live, there are bound to be massive queues to get in. While you can still watch the event live on Twitch or YouTube, here are a few steps to bypass the Fortnite queue. 

How to Bypass the Fortnite Queue

Early Bird gets the Spot

The best and simplest way to ‘bypass’ the queue is to arrive early. This might give you a feeling of attending a physical concert, but hey, to get the best seats up ahead you need to arrive hours earlier. 

We recommend queueing up to two hours before the actual event time. This will ensure you have a lower queue number and you can easily get into the game during the event. 

And once you do get into the event, make sure to enjoy the experience preferably with friends and other players.

Ensure the game has the latest update

However, the one thing you can do to ensure you don’t get kicked out of the queue is to update the game. Ensure you have the latest Fortnite game update on your Epic Games Launcher before opening Fortnite. 

This will ensure your game can handle all the requirements of the event without any problems. If you don’t have the latest update installed, you might be kicked out of the queue, even if you’ve arrived earlier. 

Queue Up for one of the next two shows

Epic Games has confirmed two more shows for Fortnite Big Bang event. If the timings are suitable for you, you can catch up at these two events. Make sure to join the queue a bit early to ensure you get a chance to view the event live.

More showings of the Big Bang announced

However, even if you can’t get through to the event, Epic Games has already announced there will be two more shows. The unprecedented demand has put a load on the Fortnite servers and there are limited slots available. 

Fortnite players who wish to experience the Big Bang event live can queue in later. Meanwhile, they can watch the event live on Twitch and with any of the hundreds of streams on Twitch and YouTube.

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