How to get Aang in Fortnite (Avatar Skin) cover image

How to get Aang in Fortnite (Avatar Skin)

Here is how to unlock the Aang and Avatar State Aang skins in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s collaboration event with Avatar: The Last Airbender has begun. With the introduction of the new Elements Pass, players can unlock various Avatar-themed cosmetic items, including Appa. However, nothing is more significant than Aang's in-game debut. The series protagonist is now unlockable, and this article explains how to get Aang in Fortnite as a skin.

How to get Aang in Fortnite

Aang, the titular Last Airbender, has officially entered Fortnite’s growing list of characters. He joins various other anime icons, but you won’t find Aang in the Fortnite Item Shop. Instead, the Avatar event introduced a separate mini Battle Pass, dubbed the “Elements Pass.”

Aang Outfit (Credit: Epic Games)
Aang Outfit (Credit: Epic Games)

This offering allows players a “Free” and “Premium” Track to unlock Avatar cosmetics in Fortnite. Those looking to acquire Aang must spend the 1,000 V-Bucks to access the Premium Track. After doing that, you will receive Aang with the LEGO Fortnite Style immediately.

Here’s a brief recap of those steps with some helpful screenshots:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Locate the Aang logo in the navigation bar between "Play" and "Locker."
  1. Clicked "Upgrade" in the lower right corner of the Elements Pass.
  1. You will automatically receive the Aang Fortnite skin.

How to unlock Avatar State Aang Outfit

But wait, that’s not all. Players scanning the Premium Track in the Elements Pass may notice another version of Aang named "Avatar State Aang." This skin is separate from the Aang Outfit we mentioned earlier. 

Unlike the base Aang Outfit, Avatar State Aang requires more work to unlock. To acquire this version, you must complete the Avatar-themed Quests to earn “Elemental Cycle.” 

Avatar State Aang Outfit (Credit: Epic Games)
Avatar State Aang Outfit (Credit: Epic Games)

For reference, each completed Quest grants 350 Elemental Cycle, and you will need 11,000 to unlock the Avatar State Aang Fortnite skin. While that seems like a lot, you have until May 3, and there are plenty of Quests available. Once you have enough, you can exchange Elemental Cycle for the Avatar State Aang skin and LEGO Fortnite variant. 

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