Trying to get Mad Mochi in Fortnite?

Mad Mochi first became popular in Fortnite back in Chapter 3, making the skin a few years old. Since then, it has only appeared in the Item Shop a handful of times. So how does someone get Mad Mochi in Fortnite?

Mad Mochi: How to get the skin in Fortnite

Fortnite skins are always incredibly unique, and the Mad Mochi outfit is no exception. First released back in Chapter 3, Season 4, this skin has only been seen in the Item Shop 13 times.

Now, it is back in the Item Shop (May 9, 2024) and waiting for you to purchase it.

Mad Mochi V-Bucks cost:

  • 1,400 V-Bucks

The skin also has two styles:

  • Mad Mochi
  • Black Sesame

But the biggest question is... does Mad Mochi also have a bundle set?

Mad Mochi's bundle set

Yes! Mad Mochi does indeed have a bundle set in Fortnite. The set is titled, Glutinous Guardian, and is available to purchase alongside the skin when it appears in the Item Shop.

Everything in the Glutinous Guardian set:

  • Mad Mochi (Skin)
  • Mochi Masher (Pickaxe)
  • Red Bean Rave (Wrap)
  • Mochimallow Roast (Wallpaper)

So who is Mad Mochi? And what inspired the unique looking skin in Fortnite?

Additional information

Mad Mochi is somewhat of an odd skin, but nonetheless, a great one. Modelled after the traditional Japanese rice cakes, Mochis, this skin is a plethora of the treats stuck together forming a figure.

Yes, Mad Mochi is literally made up of food. Fortnite has always gone to wild places when thinking up new skin ideas, and Mad Mochi is no exception.

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