Is Fortnite getting skins from Kingdom of Hearts?

A massive rumor hit the Fortnite community today. Leakers are stating that a Kingdom of Hearts collaboration with the popular Battle Royale might be in the near future. But is Kingdom of Hearts actually coming to Fortnite? Or is this just speculation with no actual proof behind it?

Let's break down everything we know so far.

Kingdom of Hearts x Fortnite

Kingdom of Hearts is a popular RPG franchise that was first released back in 2002. The game was created by Disney and Square Enix. The franchise has had various releases and remakes throughout the years, becoming one of the most popular game series to date.

So could a Kingdom of Hearts collaboration be coming to Fortnite?

Popular leaker, Hypex, was one of the first to post to Twitter about the possible collaboration.

"A reliable leaker said that Kingdom Hearts could get a collab with multiple IPs including Fortnite," said Hypex on Twitter. While in hindsight, this may not seem like much, but Hypex is probably the most trusted Fortnite leaker in the scene as of now.

Many, if not almost all, of Hypex's leaks end up coming to fruition, meaning we could really see a Kingdom of Hearts collaboration in Fortnite.

Disney working hand-in-hand with Fortnite

Another reason this collaboration seems to be likely is the fact that Disney is now working hand-in-hand with Fortnite. After purchasing a $1.5 billion stake in Epic Games, Disney is seemingly committed to joining the popular Battle Royale's massive world.

We already know that a whole new Creative hub inspired by Disney is coming to the game and that map creators will be allowed to use different Disney weapons, skins and more within the maps they create (yes, this means lightsabers).

With this information, it seems very likely that a Kingdom of Hearts collaboration is in the works at Epic Games.

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