LEGO Fortnite has officially released two new modes: Expert and Cozy.

LEGO Fortnite just got a huge update. The popular branch of the Battle Royale released two new modes: Cozy mode and Expert mode. So, what exactly do each of these modes entail?

Here is everything you need to know about LEGO Fortnite's new Cozy and Expert modes.

Explaining Cozy and Expert mode in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite was first added to the game back in December of 2023. The game became incredibly popular. With many of the Fortnite skins available as LEGO skins, players were itching to create and explore the world of LEGO Fortnite.

Since then, there have been a plethora of updates. We have gotten LEGO Star Wars updates, LEGO Marvel updates and more.

Now, players are hopping on the game to explore the two new modes. Let's break down both Cozy and Expert modes in LEGO Fortnite.

Cozy mode

While there are still dangers in Cozy mode, players are meant to feel much more relaxed and safe during it. Cozy mode takes a mixture of Sandbox and Survival mode, giving players a chill experience.

Cozy mode default settings:

  • Enemies - On
  • Enemy Difficulty (new setting!) - Easy
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (new setting!) - Off
  • Hunger - Off
  • Temperature - Off
  • Stamina - Off
  • Player Elimination - Respawn
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - Off
  • Friendly Creatures - On
  • Friendly Damage - Off
  • Villagers - On
  • Power System - Off
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - Off

Cozy mode is meant for the players who want to relax while playing LEGO Fortnite. Feel like having a more laid-back experience? Turn on Cozy mode.

Expert mode

Want a little more challenging mode? Well, it seems like the new Expert mode will be perfect for you. The game mode is exactly how it sounds: intense.

Those who play Expert mode should expect a much less relaxing time, and be ready to ward off crazy wolves and more.

Expert mode default settings:

  • Enemies - On
  • Enemy Difficulty - Hard
  • Storm-Wild Enemies - On
  • Hunger - On
  • Temperature - On
  • Stamina - On
  • Player Elimination - Permanent
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination - On
  • Friendly Creatures - On
  • Friendly Damage - Off
  • Villagers - On
  • Power System - On
  • Village Animals Removed On Elimination - On

So what are Storm-Wild Enemies? The new type of enemies are not only stronger, but faster and have more health.

Do not worry, though. LEGO Fortnite is rewarding those who brave Expert mode with various different trophies.

Expert mode trophies:

  • Grasslands Trophy
  • Dry Valley Trophy
  • Frostlands Trophy

Release date

Both Cozy and Expert modes in LEGO Fortnite release on June 13, 2024.

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