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Where to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite

Show these cabbage carts who’s boss!

The Fortnite Avatar event has officially kicked off, marking the debut of Aang as a playable skin and bringing the remaining elements as Mythic abilities. With all the buzz, one Avatar-inspired Quest has players frantically looking for cabbage carts of all things. This is a direct reference to the source material, and in today's guide, we will explain where to find and destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite.

Where to find cabbage carts in the Avatar update

Image Credit: Fortnite.GG
Image Credit: Fortnite.GG

The reliable Fortnite resource Fortnite.GG has provided a map of all cabbage cart locations in Fortnite. As you can see on the map above, there are plenty of cabbage carts across the landscape. Now that you know where to find all of them, we will explain how you can complete the Avatar-inspired Quest.

How to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite

You can quickly complete this Quest to destroy a cabbage cart by landing on one and using your Pickaxe or any weapon to break it. It may sound simple, and that's because it is. Destroying a cabbage cart in Fortnite requires just two Pickaxe swings. Once that's done, a collection of consumable cabbages will fall to the ground.

However, the important note is that you will complete the "destroy a cabbage cart" Quest, which will earn you 350 CHI. This currency is used in the Fortnite Avatar event pass, featuring cosmetics such as the Aang skin and Appa Glider. Many more challenges are included, but this is a solid jumping-off point for embarking on the Fortnite x Avatar journey.

Those looking to acquire the Avatar State Aang skin must earn 11,000 CHI. That gives you an idea of the work required to complete the Avatar event pass before it ends on May 3.

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