This is where you can find Aang’s Island in Fortnite!

Fortnite's highly anticipated crossover event with Avatar: The Last Airbender begins today and will remain in effect until the end of Chapter 5 Season 2. With Korra due to become unlockable shortly, an in-game teaser has arrived in Fortnite. Players who head to a specific section of the map will find an iceberg with Aang and Appa encased in an ice sphere. Today, we will explain where you can find Aang's Island in Fortnite ahead of the Avatar collaboration.

Where is Aang's Island in Fortnite?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Those looking to experience Aang's Island first-hand in Fortnite should head to the map's upper-right corner. The blue mark on the map above indicates where to find Aang's Island. We landed there and only encountered one other player, which will likely change over the coming days. Your best bet to experience Aang's Island is in Team Rumble since you can respawn.

This spot is also reliable in a regular Fortnite game since it offers loot and Chests. However, the real driving force lies within the ice sphere that covers a sizable portion of the iceberg.

What will I find on the Avatar Island?

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The screenshots above give you an idea of what to expect when landing on Aang's Island in Fortnite. Players familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender will instantly recognize Aang and Appa encased in the ice sphere. According to reliable leaks, this teases the official collaboration event, which arrives on April 9.

An "Elements Pass" is expected to arrive alongside the Avatar event. This pass will give players access to the Aang Fortnite skin and cosmetics based on the popular anime. It's unclear how long Aang's Island will remain in Fortnite, but with the event concluding on May 3, it will likely stay in-game until then.

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