Zeus brings the thunder as a boss character in Fortnite. Here is where you can find him!

Zeus is one of four new boss non-player characters (NPCs) introduced in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2, patrolling a brand-new point of interest (POI). The God of sky, lightning, and thunder offers what you might expect in a battle. However, players who conquer Zeus will receive a pair of Mythic items that will help you in your quest to earn a Victory Royale. This article explains where to find Zeus, how to defeat him, and what he drops.

Where to find Zeus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Zeus spawns in the new Fortnite POI named Mount Olympus, fitting for the most well-known Greek Mythological character. Unlike previous NPC bosses, you must challenge Zeus by walking up to a display and activating the battle. Once activated, Zeus will try to eliminate you using his "Thunderbolt of Zeus" Mythic weapon and send you back to the lobby.

To defeat Zeus in Fortnite, your best bet is to utilize angles to block his ability to damage you. Although these NPCs can be easy to eliminate, they pack a punch. It's wise to move continuously and use walls to block yourself from attacks if you're in Battle Royale mode. Those in Zero Build will want to rely primarily on angles.

What happens when I eliminate Zeus?

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Although there are four new boss characters in Season 2, Zeus is the only one carrying two Mythic weapons. You may be familiar with the Thunderbolt of Zeus based on your battle. This weapon lets you jump into the air and fire lightning bolts at your opponents. The item has three uses with a brief cooldown period each time you use it.

The second Mythic weapon that Zeus drops is the Huntress DMR. It offers significant damage from range but won't be very useful up close. Those looking to sharpen their distance shooting may want to add this to their arsenal after defeating Zeus in Fortnite.

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