There are quite a few achievements and trophies you can unlock and show off as you grind through the tournaments of The Finals.

If you're playing on PC or Xbox Series X/S, you'll know them as achievements. Those on PS5 call them trophies. Whichever side you're on, know that there are plenty of achievements and trophies to capture in The Finals. And we've got all of them here for you.

Every achievement and trophy in The Finals

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As you play, you'll inevitably complete multiple achievements and trophies in The Finals. You'll see a pop-up on your screen telling you that you've done so. Then you can see which one you unlocked and track others if there is a specific one you've got your eye on.

Some are easy, others not so much. That's why we've got all of them for you in case you're stumped while trying to complete it 100% of the way:

  • Show Stopper: Win the final round in Tournament or Ranked Tournament
  • Crowd Pleaser: Finish in first place, three times in a row
  • Initial Deposit: Insert a cash box into a cashout station
  • Med Student: Revive a teammate
  • Rising Star: Play three Tournament rounds
  • Savings Specialist: Obtain a total of 100,000 cash
  • Speed Run: Start a cashout within 15 seconds after opening a vault
  • Stop Payment: Eliminate an opponent while they are carrying a cash box, five times
  • Asset Protection: Eliminate an opponent trying to steal your cashout, 10 times
  • Last-Minute Gift: Start a cashout with less than 10 seconds remaining in the match
  • Buzzer Beater: Steal a cashout with less than 10 seconds remaining in the match
  • Highway Patrol: Elimination an opponent while you are riding a zipline, 10 times
  • Hot Shot: Eliminate an opponent while you are on fire, five times in a single round
  • Just Like Scotty: Win a round in any mode without being eliminated
  • Bombouncer: Eliminate an opponent by bouncing a grenade on a jump pad
  • Pressure Prize: Hit an opponent in the head with an explosive carriable
  • Dodgeball Champion: Hit opponents with three different carriables within 15 seconds
  • Clip and Slide: Eliminate an opponent with a headshot while you are sliding
  • Multitasker: Eliminate three opponents with three different items or carriables within 10 seconds
  • Busy Body: Eliminate three opponents with a melee weapon within 10 seconds
  • Pyro Prodigy: Eliminate 25 opponents with fire
  • Toxic Tact: Eliminate 25 opponents with gas
  • Golden Bullet: Get a headshot elimination with the last bullet in the magazine of your primary weapon
  • Participation Ribbon: Create a contestant
  • Returning Contestant: Play three rounds of Quick Cash
  • Green Light: Play 10 rounds with a Light Build
  • Mass Medium: Play 10 rounds with a Medium Build
  • Play the Heavy: Play 10 rounds with a Heavy Build
  • Life of the Party: Play 10 rounds in a party
  • Lesson Learner: Complete the tutorial
  • Fatal Florist: Eliminate an opponent with a flowerpot
  • Charitable Donation: Eliminate an opponent with a cash box
  • Field Goal: Throw a cash box into a cashout station from 20 meters away
  • Attending Physician: Revive teammates 50 times
  • Demolition Expert: Deal 1,000,000 damage to arenas
  • Dead Shot: Get 300 eliminations with ranged weapons
  • Strong Arm: Get 150 eliminations with melee weapons
  • Gadget Guru: Get 150 eliminations with gadgets
  • Defense Devotee: Block a total of 25,000 damage
  • Resident Doctor: Heal teammates for a total of 25,000 health
  • Light Years: Win 150 rounds with a Light Build
  • Medium Rare: Win 150 rounds with a Medium Build
  • Heavy Hand: Win 150 rounds with a Heavy Build
  • Deep Pockets: Obtain a total of 50,000,000 cash

There is also one trophy specific for PlayStation 5 players. It is known as FINALS' Frontrunner and requires you to get all of the trophies beforehand. If you play The Finals on Xbox or PC, you won't have any extra achievements.

Hidden achievements for The Finals

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Nowadays, almost every game with achievements and trophies has a few hidden ones. The Finals is no different. You can look at the list and choose to spoil them or be surprised by unlocking them randomly like they're meant to be:

  • Showboaster: Use an emote after eliminating an opponent
  • Butter Fingers: Get eliminated by your own grenade
  • Sky Bridge Saboteur: Destroy the skybridge in Seoul
  • Artful Expressionist: Eliminate an opponent while you are emoting
  • Space Rock Skipper: Bounce a meteor off a jump pad during the Meteor Showers event
  • Blast Caster: Place an explosive mine on a carriable and get an elimination by throwing it at an opponent

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