Here are all the cosmetics available in the Among Us Indie Cosmicube inspired by indie games like Undertale, Celeste, and Alien Hominid.

Among Us has recently sent its fan base on an Easter egg hunt with a teaser of its future collaboration with multiple indie games. With the recent patch, their collaboration is confirmed with the release of Indie Cosmicube.

The Indie Cosmicube is one of the largest Among Us collaborations yet that brings together seven popular indie games into the Among Us universe. The indie games are Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and A Hat in Time. The Indie Cosmicube is available until February 28, 2024.

Cosmetics in Indie Cosmicube

Alien Hominid

A collaboration with the iconic Alien Hominid seems inevitable as the hominid seems right at home in Among Us. The side-scrolling shooter game features the titular hominid fighting against secret agents.

In the Among Us Indie Cosmicube, there are three cosmetics inspired by Alien Hominid. This includes the alien's antennae and underbite.

Indie Pods
Alien Underbite Visor150
Alien’s Antennae Hat150
ZAP! Nameplate100

Castle Crashers

In addition to Alien Hominid, The Behemoth's second game Castle Crashers is also making an appearance in the Indie Cosmicube. The hack-and-slash game tells the story of four knights charged by the king to rescue the princesses along with recovering a mystical crystal, and capturing the wizard.

There are ten Castle Crashers' cosmetics in the Indie Cosmicube. This includes cosmetics designed based on the knights, the King, and the depressed Harry Hattington.

Indie Pods
Crasher’s Armor Skin300
Crasher’s Helmet Hat150
Hatty Hattington’s Hat Hat150
Hatty’s Delicious Tears Visor150
Hatty’s Delightful Suit Skin300
Kingley Dignity Visor150
Kingley Krown Hat150
Kingley Robes Skin300
Let’s Have a Brawl Nameplate100
Rammy Pet500


The girl with anxiety is here in Among Us! The platform game tells the story of Madeline, a young woman with anxiety and depression who aims to climb Celeste Mountain. She encounters many challenges but most of all, her biggest challenge is Badeline, a personification of her self-doubt.

There are eleven Celeste cosmetics in the Among Us Indie Cosmicube. Players can equip cosmetics designed based on Madeline, Badeline, and Theo.

Indie Pods
Badeline’s Hair Hat150
Badeline’s Jacket Skin300
Catch Me Quick Nameplate100
Flying Strawberry Pet500
Madeline’s Gear Skin300
Madeline’s Hair Hat150
The Bird Hat150
Theo’s Beard Visor150
Theo’s Gear Skin300
Theo’s Hair Hat150
Upward and Onward Nameplate100

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Can you hear that beat? It's the NecroDancer coming all the way from his crypt with the warriors singing his death. The roguelike rhythm video game tells the story of Cadence who went to search for his father. Her search led her to the crypt of the NecroDancer where she, along with others, had to defeat the NecroDancer to the beat of the music. Maybe you can dance your way out of being a murder suspect with the Crypt of the NecroDancer's Among Us cosmetics.

There are eleven Crypt of the NecroDancer's cosmetics available in the Among Us Indie Cosmicube. Players can play as Cadence, the vampire Nocturna, or the merchant Frederick.

Indie Pods
Bone Shaker Pet500
Cadence’s Bandana Hat150
Cadence’s Tabbard Skin300
Dance Til You Drop (Dead) Nameplate100
Frederick’s Goatee Visor150
Frederick’s Hat Hat150
Frederick’s Outfit Skin300
I Sorta Knew ‘Em Hat150
Light Up the Night Nameplate100
Nocturna’s Ponytail Hat150
Nocturna’s Wings Skin300

A Hat in Time

Our favorite alien girls are making a cameo in the Among Us universe! A Hat in Time tells the journey of Hat Kid who is trying to make her way back home. The 3D platformers see the protagonist defeating enemies, unlocking challenges, and stitching new power hats while collecting Time Pieces. Maybe in the Among Us universe, Hat Kid and Mustache Girl can patch things up and become best friends again.

There are twelve Among Us cosmetics inspired by A Hat in Time. Players can dress up as the energetic Hat Kid, the rebellious Mustache Girl, the cat-lover Bow Kid, or the loud Conductor.

Indie Pods
Bow Kid’s Bow Hat150
Bow Kid’s Dress Skin300
The Conductor’s Cap Hat150
The Conductor’s Uniform Skin300
Kid’s Cape Skin300
Kid’s Hat Hat150
Mad Crow Pet500
Mustache Girl’s Hood Hat150
Mustache Girl’s Mustache Visor150
Mustache Girl’s Robes Skin300
No Time to Spare Nameplate100
Your Contract Has Expired Nameplate100


Undertale, one of the most popular indie games is here to bring the crewmates into the Underground. The 2D role-playing video game brings players into the world of underground exploration while they complete objectives, solve puzzles, and slay monsters.

There are twelve cosmetics designed based on the game. Players can now play as either of the skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus, or the head of the royal guard, Undyne. In addition, Napstablook makes an appearance as a pet in Among Us.

Among Us also introduces items designed based on some of the well-known soundtracks of Undertale. For example, the Bonetrousle Hat is inspired by the Bonetrousle soundtrack, the 24th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. Meanwhile, Your Best Friend's Hat design is influenced by the protagonist's first encounter with Flowey.

Indie Pods
Bird That Carries Crew Hat150
Bonetrousle Hat150
Casual Outfit of Justice Skin300
CoolSkeleton95 Skin300
Napstamate Pet500
Once Upon a Time Nameplate100
Ponytail of Justice Hat150
Some Guy’s Hoodie Skin300
Spear of Justice Hat150
Your Best Friend Hat150
Your Worst Nightmare Hat150
You’re Going to Have a Time Nameplate100

Untitled Goose Game

Anyone who has had an encounter with a goose knows how scary it can be. The Untitled Goose Game gives us a chance to see things from the goose's side. The game hit the viral chart as people were having fun with the game's silliness and creativity.

Among Us brings in eleven cosmetics inspired by the Untitled Goose Game. Players can dress up as the Gardener, the Wimp, or the Goose itself! Further into the Indie Cosmicube, players can also unlock a Goose pet. The Goose can waddle around with the players as they go around and murde... I mean, complete their tasks in Among Us.

Indie Pods
The Gardener’s Cap Hat150
The Gardener’s Gear Skin300
The Gardener’s Nose Visor150
Golden Bell Hat150
A Goose Beak Visor150
A Goose Pet500
HONK Nameplate100
Peace Was Never An Option Nameplate100
Untitled Goose Floaty Hat150
The Wimp’s Glasses Visor150
The Wimp’s Wardrobe Skin300

How to start getting cosmetics from Indie Cosmicube?

The Cosmicubes are laid out like a roadmap with different paths. Each path contains various cosmetics that can be unlocked and available for purchase as players progress through the path.

<em>Among Us Indie Cosmicube</em>
Among Us Indie Cosmicube

As with other Cosmicubes, you have to first purchase the Indie Cosmicube. It is available for 7000 beans, an in-game currency that can only be earned by playing the games.

Once you have purchased the Cosmicube, you have to activate it to start earning Indie Pods when you play the game. Cosmetics in the Indie Cosmicube can only be purchased with Indie Pods.

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