This Prismatic Hunter build is the ideal one-two punch in Destiny 2.

Of all the classes, Hunters have some of the most build variety in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. But, amidst all of the different choices out there, we have found one build that we believe will yield the best results for high light-level activities and even PvP. So, here is our pick for the best Prismatic Hunter build in Destiny 2.

This Prismatic Hunter build would make Cayde proud (Image via Bungie)
This Prismatic Hunter build would make Cayde proud (Image via Bungie)

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Hunter build: Tank Hunter

Yes, that's right. This Prismatic build for Hunters in Destiny 2 will make any player feel like an absolute tank, almost as if playing a more nimble Titan at times. This build feels unlike anything we've experienced in the class before, offering a fun gameplay loop that succeeds in just about any scenario.

Below is a full breakdown of the build, including a video from Destiny 2 content creator, Plunder, that shows off an iteration of this build. However, there is plenty of room for flexibility, so try some new things out for yourself as well!

Full Prismatic Titan build breakdown

  • Super: Silkstrike
  • Class ability: Gambler's Dodge
  • Movement ability: Optional
  • Melee: Combination Blow (Arc)
  • Grenade: Duskfield Grenade (Stasis)
  • Aspects: Threaded Specter and Winter's Shroud
  • Fragments: Facet of Balance, Facet of Bravery, Facet of Courage, Facet of Protection, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Ruin
  • Weapons: We suggest a Shotgun to pair with all of the melee you will be doing. Something like Tractor Cannon could be a fun exotic, but Swords would also do quite well in this build.
  • Stat priority: Resilience, Strength, and Intellect
  • Armor modifiers: Heavy Handed is key in your arms slot, but otherwise look for damage reduction from different energy types and more Orbs of Power creation.

In short, this build is all about dodging around, creating Strand decoys that taunt for you, and killing enemies with Combination Blow. It's a fun and very different way to approach a Hunter build that doesn't just use the popular styles of previous expansions. We've enjoyed trying it, and we hope you will, too!

We hope you enjoy feeling like a punchy Titan in your Hunter body with this build. For more builds like this one, including our latest Titan Prismatic build guide, stay tuned here at!