Several new items have arrived in The Finals Season 3, so we’ve got you covered on what they are and what they do.

The Finals Season 3 has arrived, and with it come new items for you to control the competition with. You've got a new weapon for each class, a new gadget for Light contestants, and a new specialization for the overpowering heavies.

Let's go over each category of item and give you some details on what they do.

Three new weapons arrive with The Finals Season 3

Out of the three weapons added in Season 3, two of them are melee weapons. The other is a bow and arrow, which has gained a lot popularity in first-person shooters as of late.

Recurve Bow

(Screenshot taken by
(Screenshot taken by

Here is the in-game description of the Recurve Bow:

"Shoots arrows in a curved arc; the arrows' effective range and damage will increase the further back the bowstring has been drawn."

This is a Light-class weapon that costs 1,200 VR. You'll see it has solid damage, range, and accuracy. Fire rate isn't that great, as you can imagine, but the reload speed is decently quick.

Dual Blades

(Screenshot taken by
(Screenshot taken by

Here is the in-game description of the Dual Blades:

"Close-range melee weapon that allows for quick successive strikes; can also be used in a defensive stance to block incoming bullets and deflect them back while the attacker is within line of sight."

The Dual Blades are for Medium players, and also cost 1,200 VR. Damage and Attack Speed are good, but the description spells out its real specialty. Being able to block incoming bullets with it is a great addition.


(Screenshot taken by
(Screenshot taken by

Here is the in-game description of the Spear:

"A melee weapon with long-range stabs; can also be spun to cover a wider area."

At 1,200 VR, the Spear is a new weapon for Heavy players. It is massive, does huge damage, and the fact that it can be spun around to dish out some crowd control might see it be used quite frequently.

A look at the new gadget in The Finals Season 3

Just one new gadgets was added with The Finals Season 3.

Thermal Bore

(Screenshot taken by
(Screenshot taken by

Here is the in-game description of the Thermal Bore:

"Launches a long-range projectile that burrows into structures and uses thermite to collapse them from within, opening up new sightlines."

If you wished the destructive or world-altering capabilities of the Heavies and Mediums could come to the Light class, wish no longer. This scoped gadget lets you rip holes in walls with ease for 1,600 VR.

Heavies get a new specialization in The Finals Season 3

A single specialization is new to the game, going straight to the Heavy-class players in The Finals Season 3.

Winch Claw

(Screenshot taken by
(Screenshot taken by

Here is the in-game description of the Winch Claw:

"Launches a chain claw that latches on to objects or contestants, pulling them in closer to you."

For 1,200, this new specialization helps the Heavies a lot. They lock mobility, such as the Dash, Grappling Hook, or Jump Pad. Now, instead of having an item to keep up with others, they have an item to make others keep up with them.

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