The Hyundai i30 N finds its way to Forza Horizon 5’s car list with the Series 30 update as a Winter playlist reward. Here’s how you can unlock it.

The Lunar New Year update in Forza Horizon 5 bears more gifts with the Hyundai i30 N up for grabs. The Winter Festival playlist is live with its challenges and the peppy Hyundai hatchback can be unlocked for just 20 points. However, the challenges can be a little time-consuming this time. There isn't a treasure hunt in the Winter playlist. And the challenges aren't the easiest to complete. That being said, 20 points won't take too long to unlock nevertheless.

The 40-point reward for the Winter playlist is the Hoonigan Hoonicorn V2. This car has been a playlist reward a few times in the past, and if you want to unlock it, it's doable too. Completing these challenges and it should get a lot easier to unlock both cars.

Forza Horizon 5 Winter Photo Challenge - #KILLALLTYRES

The Photo Challenge for two playlist points is a very simple one this time. All you need to do is take a picture of any Hoonigan in the game. That should be simple enough because Hoonigan is a manufacturer with cars available in both the Auction House as well as the Auto Show. This is, of course if you don't have one of them in your garage already.

We chose the Hoonigan Porsche because it looks brilliant at speed. In case you don't have one in your garage, the Hoonigan Bel Air or one of the Gymkhana cars should be quite affordable in the auction house.

Collectibles - Off with a bang

The Stadium (El Stadio Horizon) has a surprise for all players in the winter playlist. One that rewards them with playlist points. It's been a while since the game threw a collectibles challenge at us. This time, they're in the form of small crates with fireworks in them. Driving into them with your car can set them off, making for a gorgeous fireworks display. Just do this 10 times and you've got the three playlist points you'd normally get for completing a treasure hunt. It shouldn't take too long since these crates are all around the stadium.

How to unlock the Hyundai i30 N in Forza Horizon 5?

Realistically, you have 19 playlist points in the bag if you complete the section of the playlist you see in the image above. The trial is worth 10 points, as always, and the three Eventlab challenges are worth three a piece. Complete any of the Danger Signs with any Hyundai tuned to B700 and you're done. (Do remember to tune them, they can't do this in their stock configurations). The Hyundai Veloster N, with its lightweight body and quick acceleration (after tuning) should do the trick.

Unlocking the Hoonicorn V2 for 40 points

This one's a bit of a challenge. If you've completed the photo challenge, the collectibles challenge, the Trial and the Eventlabs, you'll be looking at 24 playlist points. You'll be left with the three danger signs, the two championships and the Forzathon Weekly as major points rewards. The championships are worth five points a piece. There's a trick to finishing them faster. Instead of playing them in Solo Mode, play them in Co-Op mode. That way, you won't have to complete all three races (provided you win the first two, which shouldn't be too hard).

Don't worry about finding other players. You can do it solo. What co-op means when you're solo is that you'll be playing with the same rules as the Trial. You'll be placed in the Blue team and the more AI cars you overtake, the more points you have. Completing the championships will give you 10 points, leaving you at 34 points. Complete the three danger signs to earn the remaining six points and you'll unlock the Hoonicorn V2.

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