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Helldivers 2 has a new mission for those on the Automaton front lines. Unfortunately, that mission is to go head-to-head with the most difficult enemy in the game: the Factory Strider. Here’s everything we know about the Factory Striders, including where they spawn and the best ways to kill them.

What is a Factory Strider?

Factory Striders, as the name implies, are a walking type of tank in Helldivers 2's Automaton frontline. They’re tough, with heavy armor, long-range weapons, and enemy drops from within that can easily overwhelm unprepared Helldivers.

The Factory Striders have four legs and a head, which gives the appearance of a big metal doggy, with guns strapped to its head.

Don't face the business end of the Factory Strider (Image via
Don't face the business end of the Factory Strider (Image via

What you should be most wary of on this mobile monster are the weapons mounted to the front and back. A Factory Strider’s back has a cannon turret, while the head has two laser gatling guns. In fact, these weapons are so dangerous that facing them – especially the front – without cover will certainly lead to your death within seconds.

How to defeat a Factory Strider

Of all the enemies in Helldivers 2, the Factory Strider is the most difficult to defeat. They make the Bile Titan look a whole lot friendlier by comparison.

Try to avoid seeing this screen (Image via
Try to avoid seeing this screen (Image via

Unfortunately, the Factory Strider’s don’t have the obvious “shoot here!” spots that the Automaton Tanks and Hulks have on the back. To bring down a Factory Strider, you’re going to have to bring out the heavy duty stratagems.

Strategies to defeat the Factory Strider

Here are the best ways to destroy a Factory Strider:

  • Orbital Laser - The most reliable way to take one out is by using an Orbital Laser. Player reports online confirm that it should only take one Orbital Laser to bring down the Strider, but it will take up the entire Laser.
The Orbital Laser makes defeating the Factory Strider much less stressful (Image via
The Orbital Laser makes defeating the Factory Strider much less stressful (Image via
  • Eagle 500KG Bomb - Dropping a 500kg Eagle Strike on a Factory Strider might work. You’ll have to hit it right on the head to finish it off with a single 500kg. Our advice? Don’t miss.
  • GR-8 Recoilless Rifle OR Las-99 Quasar Cannon - These anti-tank weapons can both take down a Factory Strider, either by brute force or by using extremely good aim. To take it down in two shots, hit the Factory Strider in a specific spot on its side to destroy a part of the armor and then hit the same spot again with the second shot. Otherwise, you can shoot the Strider about six times in the head like a massive robotic Ol’ Yeller. 
  • Bottom Vent - If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could try this up-close method. The Factory Strider will occasionally drop Automaton reinforcements, usually four Devastators. While dropping its baby bots, a vent is momentarily available to shoot at or throw a grenade into. Depending on how damaged the Strider is, you could take it down with just your primary weapon and a dream.
  • Reinforcements - To kill a Strider in style, try reinforcing on top of the walking tank. If you can nail it right on the head, you’ll kill it in one shot. But if you miss, you may just be starting off right in the shooty stompy zone. No one wants to be in the shooty stompy zone.

What is the new Factory Strider mission?

Helldivers 2 has just added a new mission with a simple goal: eliminate Factory Striders. The task is usually just to destroy a few Factory Striders, around one or two. It seems that these massive enemy assets are a big enough threat to Super Earth to warrant their own specialized mission. This comes as no surprise since the Automatons just recently pushed forward in an all out assault after Super Earth just announced a total victory.

Take out a few Factory Striders to complete this mission. For Super Earth! (Image via
Take out a few Factory Striders to complete this mission. For Super Earth! (Image via

The Factory Strider mission is available from the Challenging difficulty and upwards. However, the Factory Striders can still show up to ruin your day in Hard difficulty and up too, as they’ll spawn in all around the map. 

We wish all you Helldivers luck in destroying this bot scum and defending our sweet liberty. For more Helldivers 2 guides and other esports news, check back on!