Let’s land these pesky airships – for Democracy

After weeks of getting pushed around the galaxy, the Automatons have resorted to using new gunships in a desperate attempt to sway the war in their favor. Helldivers, it's time to do what you do best and destroy these mechanical monstrosities, once and for all. Here's our guide to Automaton Gunships in Helldivers 2.

A Guide to Dismantling Automaton Gunships in Helldivers 2

The most essential part of taking the gunships down is, well, hitting them. Preferably with something heavy. The best way many have found to do so is with a support weapon, like the new Quasar Laser or the FAF-14 Spear. Look for anything that can dish out a lot of damage and work through that Heavy Armor.

Weapons like these, that players can control, are a much more consistent way of swatting down these armored flies than an orbital or an eagle might be. Employing this strategy, players have shared successes like this one all over social media and have, surprisingly, not had too tough a time taking out the occasional airship.

The problem, however, is when ammo starts to run low. If too many gunships start to gather and players are stuck in a reinforcement loop, these gunships start to get a whole lot more menacing, just as the image below demonstrates.

Image Courtesy of u/Monocly_Man on Reddit
Image Courtesy of u/Monocly_Man on Reddit

To best deal with this, helldivers should communicate with teammates when possible to limit ammo starve, and cycle who is shooting down each aircraft. Otherwise, keep those resupplies coming, throw a couple of orbital's hoping for the best, and don't let those gunships get the best of you!

Best of luck out there, helldivers. We know you'll need it. For Democracy!

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