The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is live in Elden Ring, and we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how to enter it.

Elden Ring's DLC known as Shadow of the Erdtree is here, but how do you enter the expansion? It isn't immediately available as a separate portion of the game. You have to play through a decent amount of the story, and actually make it past Mohg in Mohgwyn Palace.

We'll give you the directions you need to get there and make it in.

How do you enter the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring?

(Image via FromSoftware)
(Image via FromSoftware)

As we said, it is locked behind a specific location and a boss fight. Let's start with the basic steps, and then we can break it down into more detailed aspects.

So, here's the gist of how to reach the area:

  1. Defeat Radahn in Redmane Castle
  2. Defeat Mohg in Mohgwyn Palace
  3. Interact with Miquella's Cocoon
  4. Enter the realm of the shadow to begin the DLC

That is the simplest way to put it, but it takes some time. These are both about mid-game bosses that will require heavy leveling and some real work to take them down. That's why we'll share some basic tips.

Where to find and defeat Radahn

(Image via FromSoftware)
(Image via FromSoftware)

Radahn is found in Redmane Castle, on the southernmost peninsula of the Caelid region. He's arguably one of the toughest opponents you'll face in Elden Ring, but he is a necessary task in order to enter the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Here are some tips on felling the boss:

  • Radahn has a weakness against Bleed, Frost, Lightning, and Fire incantations
  • Ride Torrent around him as much as possible while dealing damage
  • Use loads of NPC summons to gang up on Radahn
  • Be around level 70 to make it as smooth as possible

Where to find and defeat Mohg

(Image via FromSoftware)
(Image via FromSoftware)

After you've beaten Radahn, you can continue with the Elden Ring story and be one step closer to the entering the DLC. Next up is Mohg in Mohgwyn Palace. You can enter this location through the Varre Questline or the Consecrated Snowfield Teleporter.

Once there, you need to navigate the brutal palace to find the boss. When you do, here are some tips to taking him down:

  • Mohg is weak to Hemorrhage, Gravity Magic, and Physical Damage
  • Use armor and talismans that negate the damage he uses, which are Physical, Fire, and Blood
  • Watch for his aerial attacks during Phase 2, then move into strike after
  • You should probably be around level 100 if you want to stand a chance here

Miquella's Cocoon is near the boss fight, so interact with after you've bested Mohg. Head to the realm of shadow, and from there you'll enter the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to experience new weapons, spells, armor, foes, and stories of the Lands Between.

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