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How to play PUBG Mobile on PC easily

Here’s the complete and simple guide to get started with playing PUBG Mobile on your PC.

PUBG Mobile is a game made for Android and iOS devices. However, the smaller screens and on-screen controls might make it annoying for some people to enjoy the game. There is a way for these players, however, to enjoy PUBG Mobile on PC.

Playing the battle royale title on PC is legal and won’t get you banned. The matchmaking for the players on emulators is different, though.

PUBG Mobile on a PC with an emulator

To do so, you must use an emulator which allows mobile games to run on a PC. The best one for this is Gameloop which has been made by PUBG Mobile’s dev Tencent itself. The emulator was earlier called Tencent Gaming Buddy before being rebranded to Gameloop.

You can download Gameloop on the official website for Windows PC. Simply open the website and you will be able to see the download option on the top right.

After you download the setup, click on it to begin the installation process. Once Gameloop has been downloaded, follow these steps to begin enjoying PUBG Mobile on your PC:

  • Open Gameloop.
  • You should be able to see PUBG Mobile on the home screen. If not, search for it on the search bar at the top.
  • Click on the PUBG Mobile page and press install.
  • Wait for the game to complete downloading.

Once the game has been downloaded on your PC, open it to enjoy PUBG Mobile with a keyboard and mouse. You will still need to download additional resources such as maps and HD textures, though, inside the game.

Gameloop already has a layout created for you to play with the keyboard and mouse. This can easily be edited to change your binds in the settings.

Do players on emulators have an advantage?

If you think that you can download PUBG Mobile on PC and wreck players on mobile to rank up easily – you’re wrong.

Tencent identified that a lot of players use emulators to play games like PUBG Mobile. Thus, instead of banning it completely, they have been kept legal.

To make sure that emulator users don’t have a significant advantage over mobile gamers, the matchmaking for PUBG Mobile players on PC has been kept separate. Thus, players on emulators will only match with other PC players.

If you are a mobile gamer and have an emulator player on your team, the entire team will be matched with emulator players only.