Let’s get going: How to skip FF7 Rebirth demo chapter cover image

Let’s get going: How to skip FF7 Rebirth demo chapter

Don’t want to play the FF7 Rebirth demo again? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can skip it in the main game.

The long awaited Final Fantasy VII/FF7 Rebirth game is finally here! And if you are one of the many fans who just cannot wait to play the game, you would have already tried the demo. Perhaps more than once. The demo, as a matter of fact, appears almost completely as is in the main game. This is going to be a bummer to hear if you're just looking for a way to skip the FF7 Rebirth demo and get to the goods.

Fortunately, you have the option to skip it if you are not willing to go through that chapter all over again. Here's how you can skip the FF7 Rebirth demo. This goes without saying that there will be spoilers ahead.

How to skip the FF7 Rebirth demo: Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim

As it turns out, the FF7 Rebirth "Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim" demo is, in fact, the first chapter of the main game. However, there is a lovely prologue chapter prior to this which you absolutely shouldn't miss. Otherwise, here's how you skip this part of the game. It isn't the most obvious as there are still some content within the demo that are unavoidable no matter what. However, you will receive a prompt later on once you are able to do so.

Step One: Have the game check for your FF7 Rebirth demo save file

The first thing you need to do is to let the game confirm whether you have played the FF7 Rebirth demo by checking your PS5 save file. As shown in the image above, there is a prompt to "Check Saved Data" when you start a new game. You have this option regardless on whether you have completed the demo. By the way, you will receive bonus in-game items if you have a FF7 Rebirth demo, FF7 Remake and FF7R INTERmission save files within your PS5.

Step Two: Get to the part where you explore Nibelheim

As previously mentioned, there are portions of the FF7 Rebirth demo that you cannot skip. You need to go through the first battle against the two Disgorgon dragons and get to Nibelheim. Of course, you can skip any cutscenes throughout. Once you get to Nibelheim, you still have to check out the water tower and visit Cloud's mom. But any other parts of exploration is skippable.

For instance, there is no need for you to visit Tifa's house. Though if you do, there is one scene that has slightly changed--Tifa's room. In her room is where you get to play the piano. However, the Tifa's Theme music sheet isn't around for you to pick up this time. You can still play the piano manually but Tifa, Aerith and Barrett will not be impressed.

Step Three: Skip the rest of FF7 Rebirth demo

After you meet Tifa, the journey to the Mako reactor at Mount Nibel begins. Again, you still need to travel ahead just a little bit to view the opening credits of the game. After you reach Cloud's first battle against the praying mantis monsters, Insectoid Chimeras, you will finally receive the prompt to skip the rest of the FF7 Rebirth demo. Doing so will skip the Sephiroth-Cloud boss fight.

Final moments of the first chapter

At this point, there are a few more cutscenes left to skip, and you still have to go through the part where Sephiroth annihilates Nibelheim village. But take note! Do not skip the cutscene where Sephiroth decapacitates the mayor. This is where the FF7 Rebirth demo cuts off. However, in the main game, there will be a crucial follow-up scene not available in the demo.

And that is how you can skip the FF7 Rebirth demo. Don't worry! Skipping the demo won't hurt your progress in the main game because nothing within this chapter carries over. After, you will simply return to the present time to start the second chapter of FF7 Rebirth.

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