Pocketpair has revealed the very first Palworld Raid, and it involves a brand-new Pal by the name of Bellanoir.

Pocketpair has announced the very first Palworld Raid, which involves the very first new Pal added to the game. Bellanoir is Palworld's first Raid Pal, and Pal Tamers will need to work together to take it down and reap the rewards.

We've got you covered on when you can expect this new addition to the creature-collecting title, how to join the Raid, and tips for besting Bellanoir.

When does the Palworld Bellanoir Raid release?

For now, all we know is that Bellanoir and its subsequent raid are coming soon to Palworld. When coming soon could be is anyone's guess. The team has done a great job of updating and balancing the game, however, with plenty of transparency.

Once it arrives in Palworld, or the developers give us a concrete date, we'll let you know.

How to join the Raid

(Image via Pocketpair)
(Image via Pocketpair)

Cross-server matchmaking is not yet a thing in Palworld. Could that change with the Bellanoir Raid? If so, we will update you here. If you're playing on a server alone, hopefully the Raid scales its difficulty based on that.

Otherwise, you might need to invite some friends. And based on the trailer for the Raid, it looks like you'll need a special item, in a certain location, to call upon the Pal. When they fully reveal this, it is another piece of information we'll deliver to you.

Tips for beating Bellanoir in Palworld

(Image via Pocketpair)
(Image via Pocketpair)

By the looks of it, the new Pal known as Bellanoir is most likely a Dark-type. Pocketpair hasn't confirmed this yet, but there's a chance it may also have a Fire-typing alongside it. This is based on the design of its lower body, giving off a flame-like appearance, and the color of the orb it emerges from.

If either of those are true, then you'll want to use strong Dragon-type Pal with Dragon-type attacks to chip away at the Dark-type's health. If it is a Fire-type, then a Water-type Pal will do the trick. We'll let you know which Pals are best once the Bellanoir Raid is here.

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