There’s only one way to guarantee access: Money!

Hi-Rez Studios has finally announced early access for Smite 2, and players can already sign up to join. MOBA sequels are rare, especially ones available on console, but the established developer is finally revealing why it chose to go with a brand new game rather than a massive update. Closed alpha weekends will begin in May 2024, and signups are now open for the preview events.

Of course, as with any major release, the initial game will likely have plenty of bugs to squash. Hi-Rez hopes to iron out any major kinks with a series of alpha and beta tests before Smite 2’s official release. There’s even a way to guarantee access, but don’t expect it to come cheap.

How to sign up for Smite 2 early access

To sign up for Smite 2 early access, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click the Register For Alpha button in the top right
  2. Select your preferred platform
  3. Write your email and agree to the terms
  4. Submit!

It’s that simple. If you are selected for the alpha test, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and download the game. Hi-Rez has not revealed if all platforms will get the alpha at the same time, so invites could be staggered. Also, the official statements imply that not everyone will get into early access, so sign up now to get at the front of the line.

Steam and Epic Games are treated as separate platforms for the tests (Image via Hi-Rez Studios)
Steam and Epic Games are treated as separate platforms for the tests (Image via Hi-Rez Studios)

There is only one way to guarantee early access to Smite 2. Preordering any of the three Founder’s Editions will lock in alpha test access as well as any future previews. The absolute cheapest Founder’s Edition is $30 and comes with a Cacodemon Ymir skin, double Legacy Gems, and all future god releases. If you plan to pick up Founder’s Edition, make sure to get it on the platform you want early access on.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on all things Smite 2.

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