Not sure what deck to play in this week’s Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum? Check these decks and prepare for battle.

This week, Hearthstone is doing a special Tavern Brawl, the Heroic Brawliseum, and Esportsgg has your back and brings you different Decks alternatives for you! While participating in the Brawliseum might drain your gold, if you are decided to do it, you'd better be prepared. If you are not sure what Deck to use in the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum, join me in this article.

What is the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum?

Before talking about decks, you must know what the Heroic Brawliseum is. This special event takes the regular Tavern Brawl and turns it into a high-stakes competition. The entrance is not cheap, but players can rip off incredible rewards if they are good enough to defeat the competition.

Heroic Brawliseum’s format is similar to the Hearthstone Arena mode in the way that players lock in a deck and compete until they either get to 12 wins or are defeated 3 times. Different from Arena, in the Heroic Brawliseum there is no draft phase, and players can bring any decks they want.

Decks for Hearthstone's Heroic Brawliseum

If you want to test yourself against the strongest players out there in this high-stakes event, you must prepare for it. That is why Esportsgg brings you different Decks options for this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum.

The following Heroic Brawlisuem Decks came from several pro players who have achieved 12 wins with them. The odds are that they are pretty good picks.

Reqvam's Frost Death Knight

There's not much to say about Reqvam besides that he is one best player of this year so far. He has a great understanding of the meta, and his streams are very educational.

He was one of the first players to get to 12 wins in this Heroic Brawliseum using the Frost Death Knight deck.

  • Reqvam's Frost Death Knight deck Code: AAECAfHhBAS0gAXLpQXMpQX0yAUNlrcE9eMEguQEk+QEh/YEtvcEqYAFk4EFkpMFoJkFopkFrqEF2tAFAAA=

Seems that this aggro deck is still alive despite being hit by nerfs a couple of times.

Odemian's Menagerie Warrior

If you are not fancy of Frost Death Knights, Odemian claims that this 12-win deck can farm them in the Heroic Brawliseum. Is Warriror finally decent?

Want to give the deck a try? Copy the code below.

  • Odemian's Menagerie Warrior Deck Code: AAECAQcElrcEjskEr8MFqOAFDeG1BLLBBKKZBZWqBZa3Ba3DBeLNBfDNBerQBevQBezQBbTRBcaeBgAA

Holy Paladin by Briarthorn

The former Grandmaster took the Holy Paladin deck to the top of this week's Heroic Brawliseum. With some signature changes like adding Garden's Grace to the list, Briarthorn says that is common to play double Lightrays with Garden's Grace on top on turn six to seal the game.


TheViper94's Relic Demon Hunter

So, the legends are true! The Relic Demon Hunter deck is still a competitive archetype, and TheViper94 achieved 12 wins with it in this Heroic Brawliseum.

  • Deck Code: AAECAea5AwaXoAT7vwSq3QSkkgXa0AWs0QUMlrcEmLoEr94EsN4EquIEheUEi5IFopkFnaQFsvUF4fgF5NAEAAA=

12-0 Zeddy's XL Control Priest

This is not a meme, probably the #1 Heroic Brawliseum hater got a perfect score with a Control Priest deck variation. Zeddy was not fond of Tavern Brawl exclusive cosmetics being so hard to obtain, but I guess nothing stops a collector!

  • Code: AAECAa0GCPCfBOWwBKi2BJfvBO+RBeKkBf3EBc/GBRC+nwShtgSWtwT52wS43AS63ASGgwWimQXgpAWUxAW7xAW7xwXVzgX7+AW4ngbRngYAAQO42QT9xAX/4QT9xAXGxwX9xAUAAA==

Zeddy's portrait collection is complete once again, and we get to enjoy some memes too. After this achievement, some teased the streamer, but only as a way to celebrate his run.

Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards

Time to talk about rewards. Remember that the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum rewards are incredible, and players can get up to 50 packs. However, they are concentrated on the top wins, so if you feel that you are not consistently making 7 wins, maybe it is better to save your gold for the upcoming Mini-set.

If you were wondering about the exact reward distribution for this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum, the following chart can give you an idea. On top of the previously mentioned, bear in mind that each ticket costs 1000 gold, which could buy you 10 packs or half the Mini-Set.

Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards
Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards

On top of these rewards, this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum edition also grants two unique Death Knight Hero Skins. Frostmonger Sai Death Knight Hero Skin will be awarded to those who play 3 Heroic Brawliseum decks. So you can take this as a skin for 1000 with an upside. The few that get to 12 wins will be able to brag about it with the exclusive Crimson Knight Sai Hero Skin.

Frostmonger Sai Death Knight Hero Skin
Frostmonger Sai Death Knight Hero Skin
Crimson Knight Sai Hero Skin
Crimson Knight Sai Hero Skin

These skins will be awarded via a special Legendary Quest chain.

That's everything today, but I hope you find these Heroic Brawliseum decks useful. Stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in the Tavern.