She was born as a weapon, but now, Firefly is searching for the meaning of life.

Firefly is Honkai Star Rail Version 2.3's first officially confirmed playable character, who has already appeared as an NPC - and quite a memorable one - in the main story.

Firefly in Honkai Star Rail: Element & Path

Firefly is a 5-Star Fire character on the path of Destruction. We can expect good survivability from her and highly damaging abilities — Firefly is a DPS character.

This young girl was born as a weapon, and she suffers from Entropy Loss Syndrome, caused by a genetic modification. These circumstances can’t break Firefly, though. She joins the Stellaron Hunters to dig deep into the very meaning of life. Moreover, Firefly hopes to change her destiny and abandons her predetermined path.

Firefly is an upcoming 5-Star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail
Firefly is an upcoming 5-Star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail

The first glimpse at Honkai Star Rail Firefly was possible thanks to the Version 2.0 Music Trailer. Then, the character appeared in the Trailblaze Missions, Chapter 3: Penacony Subquests. Firefly tried to run away from the Bloodhound Family, and the Trailblaze saved her. They spent some time together, and Firefly confessed to having Entropy Loss Syndrome.

Firefly on the cover of the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 OST
Firefly on the cover of the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 OST

Those were sweet moments in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0, but soon they were over. Something Unto Death, or simply Death, killed Firefly. Version 2.1 reversed emotions of that tragic episode . We discovered that Firefly returns from the dead. It also was a moment of revealing her true identity — she is in fact a person in the mechanical armor "SAM"!

The story of Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail got a positive response in the hearts of game fans. Her reveal as a playable character in Version 2.3 caused much excitement in the community.

Firefly is introduced once you reach Penacony
Firefly is introduced once you reach Penacony

Firefly banner and release date

Firefly's expected Honkai Star Rail release date is during Phase 1 of Version 2.3 in mid-June.

We've calculated the dates following patterns of the previous banner events, which usually continue for six weeks. Based on this:

  • Firefly's banner will drop between June 18 and July 10.
Firefly will be playable from version 2.3
Firefly will be playable from version 2.3

Firefly Kit in Honkai Star Rail

Even before the official reveal of Firefly kit in Honkai Star Rail, we have a chance to take a look at the character’s abilities based on a leak.

It seems like Firefly transforms into SAM for combat.

  • Basic ATK is Fire DMG to one opponent.
  • Enhanced Basic ATK: Smoldering Wasteland — Heals a percentage of Max HP, deals Fire DMG to a single target
  • Skill — Deals Fire DMG at the cost of a % of Max HP. If HP is insufficient, FIrefly will drop to 1 HP. The Skill partially regenerates Energy if the opponent is Weakness Broken.
  • Enhanced Skill: Devouring Conflagration — Fire DMG to a single target enemy and adjacent enemies. The Enhanced Skill also heals Firefly a percentage of her max HP. If an opponent is Weakness Broken, extra Fire DMG will be dealt to all the targets.
  • Ultimate: Burning Starlight — in the Primary Combustion state, SAM advances her action by 100% and summons a Cooldown Kernel.
  • Talent: Primary Combustion — Increases SPD and DMG in the Primary Combustion state
  • Talent: Scorched Barrier — Reduces DMG taken based on HP lost. If under Primary Combustion state, damage reduction is further increased.
  • Talent: Luminous Fireflies — Energy will regenerate in the Primary Combustion state with changes in Current HP.
  • Technique — Upon entering combat, a fixed chance to apply Fire Weakness on all opponents and reduce their Fire RES. Also to deal Fire DMG.

The developers should reveal more details on Firefly closer to her banner release date. Stick around on for everything interesting and exciting about Honkai: Star Rail.