Even her allies aren’t safe from her venomous follow-up attacks.

Jade is coming as a playable character! Check out the full details of the Jade kit and skills to see if she's worth your Stellar Jades in Honkai Star Rail.

Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Jade is a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department. She's one of the Ten Stonehearts, similar to Aventurine and Topaz, but is ranked higher than the two.

She is a 5-star Quantum Erudition character. This makes her the first character in this Element-Rarity-Path combination. The closest to her archetype is Qingque, being a 4-star Quantum Erudition character.

Jade's first appearance in Honkai Star Rail (image via esports.gg)
Jade's first appearance in Honkai Star Rail (image via esports.gg)

Jade is first mentioned in version 1.4 in Topaz's dialogue. But, we don't see her on-screen until version 2.1 with Aventurine's backstory. A present-day dialogue between her and Aventurine was shown nearing the end of the Penacony Trailblaze quest. Since then, the Honkai Star Rail playerbase has been waiting for her to be playable.

Honkai Star Rail: Jade kit and skills

Numbers shown are each skill at level 1. The Jade kit and skills below may not exactly represent her when she releases in Honkai Star Rail version 2.3.

Jade in Honkai Star Rail (image via HoYoverse)
Jade in Honkai Star Rail (image via HoYoverse)

Basic ATK - Lash of Riches (Blast)

  • Deals Quantum DMG equal to 45% of Jade's ATK to a single target enemy, and Quantum DMG equal to 15% of Jade's ATK to adjacent enemies.

Skill - Acquisition Surety (Support)

  • Makes a single target ally become a Debt Collector and increases their SPD by 30, lasting for 3 turn(s).
  • After a Debt Collector attacks, deals 1 instance of Additional Quantum DMG equal to 15% of Jade's ATK to each enemy target hit, and consumes the Debt Collector's HP by an amount equal to 2% of their Max HP. If their current HP is insufficient, reduces their HP to 1.
  • If Jade becomes a Debt Collector, she cannot gain the SPD boost effect, and her attacks do not consume HP.
  • When a Debt Collector exists on the field, Jade cannot use her Skill. At the start of Jade's every turn, the Debt Collector's duration reduces by 1.

Ultimate - Vow of the Deep (AoE)

  • Deals Quantum DMG equal to 120% of Jade's ATK to all enemies. At the same time, enhances follow-up attack from Jade's Talent, increasing the follow-up attack's DMG multiplier by 40%. This enhancing effect can activate 2 time(s).

Talent - Fang of Flare Flaying (AoE)

  • After Jade or an ally that had become the Debt Collector attacks, Jade gains 1 Charge for each enemy target attacked. When the Charge reaches 8, consume 8 Charges to launch follow-up attack 1 time, dealing Quantum DMG equal to 150% of Jade's ATK to all enemies. This follow-up attack does not generate Charge.
  • Jade immediately gains 5 stack(s) of Pawned Asset when launching her Talent's follow-up attack, with each stack of Pawned Asset increasing her CRIT DMG by 3%. This effect can stack up to 50 times.

Jade Main Traces

Jade in-game (image via HoYoverse)
Jade in-game (image via HoYoverse)

Reverse Repo (requires Ascension 2) - When enemy targets enter combat, Jade gains 1 stack(s) of Pawned Asset. When a Debt Collector ally's turn starts, Jade additionally gains 3 stack(s) of Pawned Asset.

Collateral Ticket (requires Ascension 4) - When the battle starts, Jade's action is advanced forward by 50%.

Asset Forfeiture (requires Ascension 6) - Each stack of the Talent's Pawned Asset additionally increases Jade's ATK by 0.5%.

Jade Eidolons

Jade in-game (image via HoYoverse)
Jade in-game (image via HoYoverse)

Altruism? Nevertheless Tradable

  • The follow-up attack DMG from Jade's Talent increases by 32%. After the character with the Debt Collector state uses an attack and hits 2/1 enemy target(s), Jade additionally gains 1/2 point(s) of Charge.

Morality? Herein Authenticated

  • When there are 15 stacks of Pawned Asset, Jade's CRIT Rate increases by 18%.

Honesty? Soon Mortgaged

  • Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Sincerity? Put Option Only

  • When using Ultimate, the DMG Jade deals ignores 12% of enemy targets' DEF, lasting for 3 turn(s).

Hope? Hitherto Forfeited

  • Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Equity? Pending Sponsorship

  • When there are Debt Collector allies on the field, Jade's Quantum RES PEN increases by 20%, and Jade gains the Debt Collector state.

Jade will be playable with the Honkai Star Rail version 2.3 update, scheduled for June 19, 2024.