Error 002 stopping you from patching? Look no further. We’ve got you covered.

If you're getting Error 002, it'll be getting in the way of your patching process, but we're here to explain why it's happening and how to easily fix it.

League of Legends' client has all sorts of errors, but luckily Error 002 is one of the easier kinds of errors to solve. This error should be exclusive to users trying to update League of Legends to the current patch, but the error is a simple storage problem that has two plausible explanations.

How to fix League of Legends Error 002

This error is a storage failure, plain and simple, just like Error 004. If you're getting Error 002, you probably don't have enough space on the drive that League of Legends is installed on to add the new game files. The easiest way to solve this problem is to delete large files, probably other games, from the drive where League of Legends is.

If you have more than one HDD or SSD, you can also migrate those files from one drive to another in order to make space. You can also migrate League of Legends elsewhere, but you'll need to create new shortcuts in order to launch it from the new file location. You can also find the text logs folder for the game, which can become enormous over years of playing, and delete it. This can be found in the Programs\Riot Games\League of Legends file path by default on Windows.

God-King Garen artwork (Image via Riot Games)
God-King Garen artwork (Image via Riot Games)

Other ways to fix the error

If you definitely have enough space for the new League of Legends patch, then it's probably your anti-virus system detecting a false positive in the new update. You can test this by launching your antivirus program and temporarily turning it off before relaunching League of Legends and attempting to patch again.

This should fix the problem if you have enough space. Otherwise, filing a ticket directly with Riot through their player support is your best bet. That's all you need to know about Error 002 and how to fix it.