VAN -102 and VAN -104 can be simple or annoying to solve. Here’s how to fix them.

Vanguard has all sorts of errors, but luckily, VAN -102 and VAN -104 are relatively easy to fix. Here's how.

Vanguard, Riot Games' proprietary kernel-deep anti-cheat, has been added to League of Legends. It brings with it a long list of error codes that you might encounter. VAN -102 and VAN -104 are the easiest types of errors to solve, as they are pretty rudimentary connection errors. Here's why you might be running into problems and how to solve them.

VAN -102 and VAN -104 error solution

VAN -102 and VAN -104 are both pretty simple connection errors. The most obvious solution is easy, but if it doesn't work, things will get a bit more involved. Your client isn't communicating properly with Riot's servers for one reason or another, and it's stopping you from logging on to League of Legends. For both of them, end all instances of the Riot Client and restart your PC. This should solve both errors more often than not, even if it takes one or two attempts.

Vanguard in League of Legends (Images via Riot Games)
Vanguard in League of Legends (Images via Riot Games)

If the problem continues to persist, things are going to get a bit more difficult. You're going to need to go into your program manager for your OS and delete both League of Legends and Vanguard. Once they're deleted, use the Riot Client to reinstall League of Legends. As League of Legends installs, it should automatically install Vanguard for you. This should remedy either VAN -102 or VAN -104, as they're very similar errors.

If neither of these solutions work, your best bet is to file a ticket with Riot Games support. You can also install the Hextech Repair Tool and package all of your LoL files into a .zip file to assist Riot in helping you hunt down the cause of the issue.