Whether you are hanging up your mouse and keyboard, or fixing a hardware issue, here is how you can uninstall League of Legends.

There are plenty of reasons why you may wish to uninstall League of Legends from your PC. Whether you are attempting to fix an internal hardware problem, or simply looking to hang up your mouse and keyboard for good due to your bottom lane feeding, this simple guide will help you remove League of Legends from your computer.

Uninstalling League of Legends from PC

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Removing League of Legends is very straightforward if you follow this simple guide. We will show you the exact path you must take in order to remove the game. After that, Riot Games' built-in client will handle the rest. The Riot Games client is the main directory for all of its titles including VALORANT and League of Legends.

Here is how you can remove League of Legends from your computer:

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Search for Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs and Features
  4. Hover down to League of Legends
  5. Right-click and press uninstall
  6. Navigate to where League of Legends has been installed on your PC
  7. Delete the setup files you used to install League of Legends
  8. Restart your PC

It is important that after you have uninstalled League of Legends remove the files from the computer. This will resolve any future problems that may occur if you wish to hop back into Summoners Rift. To reinstall League of Legends, head on over to the official landing page for your desired region. Here is the link to download League of Legends for every region:

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