Star Wars: Hunters, even with its new setting and characters, does in fact fall within the larger Star Wars canon.

Star Wars: Hunters introduced new characters to the iconic universe, but many fans wonder if any of it is canon? Well, according to the developers, it absolutely is. There has even been spinoff media that showcases some of the new members of the Star Wars family.

Let's go over the canon inclusions of Star Wars: Hunters and how it is integrated.

Star Wars: Hunters canon existence

(Image via Zynga)
(Image via Zynga)

While all characters so far are brand-new for Star Wars: Hunters, they have immediately slotted into the franchise's canon. The setting is an intergalactic deathmatch show after the fall of the Empire, ran by a Hutt. That explains why the sole Jedi at launch is a droid, with the other lightsaber wielder a dark force-user.

It's similar for Slingshot, as he uses a Droideka for travel, which were defunct after the defeat of the CIS droid army in the Clone Wars.

The exact confirmation of Star Wars: Hunters being canon comes directly from the developers, through an interview with RadioTimes. Keeping things within its own sector of the universe through the arena games makes it much easier to not break canon with the established continuity.

With this in mind, the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, Darth Vader, Yoda, and so many more iconic characters are either dead or very busy. Don't expect to see too many, or really any well-known figures from Star Wars history.

Character appearances outside of Star Wars: Hunters

Imara Vex's comic book appearance (Image via Marvel Comics)
Imara Vex's comic book appearance (Image via Marvel Comics)

As previously mentioned, some characters have appeared in Star Wars outside of the Hunters game. This further cements their place in canon, and you can check out those appearances to get more of backstory on the characters:

  • Imara Vex in the comic War of the Bounty Hunters 5
  • Rieve as the focus of junior novel Hunters: Battle for the Arena

That's it at the time of publication, but the developers believe further stories outside of their game will be made as its popularity grows.

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