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Big guns, big damage. If we've learned anything from playing too much Team Fortress 2 in our lives it's that you cannot ignore a himbo with mini-guns. Such is the case with Mauga, the newest Tank in Overwatch. Since the Season 9 midseason patch he also appears to be the pro scene tank of choice. Yes, folks: The Mauga meta is here and you need to learn how to counter him. But, here's the problem: y'all don't understand the Mauga counter picks and are in desperate need of some tips in Overwatch 2.

Let's take care of that, shall we? Stand by to learn all about when you should (and shouldn't) shoot his guns, when to Overrun, and why the Mauga mirror match is the most miserable in the game.

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Mauga counter picks, tips, and more

<em>Image via Blizzard Entertainment</em>
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Even after a round of nerfs, Mauga still sports the highest potential direct damage output in the game. The reason? His whole thing is lighting you on fire and getting free critical hits. No bueno if you're a 200 HP and below Support just trying to live your life. If you're looking for the best Mauga counter picks then look no further than below.


Obvious? Mayhaps, but it still stands that the Hero with the best crowd control abilities in the game is good against a runaway bull. Thanks to his size and reload times, Mauga is especially weak against CC when he isn't doing stuff, i.e.: Shooting or running in. Ana nails him to the wall with a sleep dart while he's reloading or anti-healing him during Cage Fight. Be mindful of your own cooldowns and Ana can single-handedly ruin a Mauga's match.


The poke-and-shield Tank of choice if you're looking for Mauga counter picks. Of all the shielding and absorbing Heroes, Sigma rules the roost. In a pinch, Zarya will also fit the bill. But, in her case you need to be far more careful about your Bubble cooldowns. In the case of Sigma, he can effectively bully Mauga off the point with proper cooldown management. However, he's also more susceptible to Mauga just ignoring you, running past, and attacking your backline.


Hey, did you know Mauga has a big ole coconut? It's true, that noggin is massive and great for shooting. Finally, a Tank in the meta that Widowmaker actually can counter. This is going to sound obvious, but the best Mauga tip and counter picks in Overwatch 2 are the ones that take advantage of that larger-than-life hitbox. With no way to deter Widow or poke at her (besides dedicating chaingun fire), Mauga will need massive team support to fight off a good Widow.


Obvious? Obviously. However, that Discord Orb does work and forces Mauga to rely even more on his own Supports to survive when Zen is on the field.

Avoiding the mirror match trap

So, here's the thing about the Mauga mirror match: It sucks. And it's bad. No other same Tank battle in Overwatch 2 is more miserable than this one. Why? It all boils down to which team is more collectively willing to dump all their time and attention into their respective Mauga. At the end of the day, it's four mini-guns, 16 abs, and one brain cell bashing heads like a bull in a china shop.

What do? Switch? Of course not, we're Overwatch players--not quitters. The answer is to never lose sight of the objective, which in this case is NOT dumping your entire ammo clip into the enemy Mauga. As seen in the above clip, the key to winning that Mauga-on-Mauga matchup is to be the first one to agitate the enemy team. Overrun is a fantastic ability for surprising backliners--Or, in this case, ignoring the wang-measuring contest the other Mauga wants to engage with.

<em>Overwatch 2 Magma Mauga skin (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)</em>
Overwatch 2 Magma Mauga skin (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Don't bother! Fighting another Mauga directly is a war of attrition that you may not win. However, you can poke and prod at the Support line and find your opening to make that counter pick on Mauga worth something.

Finally, a recent tip in Season 9: Learn to count Mauga's bullets. For real, if you can guess and time when Mauga has to reload then you can use that as an approach point. Learn the timing and the match is yours.

And if you don't? Prepare to watch the enemy Mauga kill your tank, jump into your backline, and Cage Fight all y'all to death. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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