Fans of the old Hanamura map are going to love the look and feel of the new Hanaoka map.

Overwatch 2 is back with some major updates coming into Season 10, including an all-new Battle Pass, a new way to unlock old mythic skins, Venture's debut, and a new Clash game mode and map. The new Hanaoka map will return long-time fans of the franchise to the cherry blossom-filled streets of the Hanamura district in the new fast-paced mode.

The new Hanaoka map in the Clash game mode (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
The new Hanaoka map in the Clash game mode (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

How to play Overwatch 2 Clash game mode

In the new Clash game mode, which is currently available in the Arcade, players quickly fight to capture points along a linear path. The first team to successfully capture five of the points wins the game. This makes for a very fast-paced and constant flow of action, almost feeling like a cousin to the Flashpoint game mode.

According to developers, "With five capture points strategically placed on a mirrored map, teams must deftly maneuver to capture and defend points to clinch victory. Dynamic spawns and streamlined map routes expedite your return to the fight, maximizing time spent in the heat of battle."

You can see popular Overwatch 2 influencer Flats playing the new mode with some other familiar faces below.

How long can I play the new Overwatch 2 Clash game mode?

Clash will be available in the Arcade of Overwatch 2 from April 16 to April 29, according to developers. This release was labeled as a "limited-time trial," which could indicate that the mode will return in full at a later date. At the time of this article's release, no other information is available.

However, with a full new map accompanying the game mode, it is likely that fans can expect its return. Keep an eye out for this in Season 11, possibly with more new maps to bring the new mode into rotation in earnest.

We wish you the best of luck in your Clash games. While you're waiting in queue, be sure to pull up a Twitch streamer to work towards earning the Cyclops Roadhog skin, and check back in with for more news and updates!

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