Popular cosplayer and Twitch streamer, Rolyat, shares her insights on content creation, costume designing and more.

The bridge between cosplaying and gaming has been strong for many years now. Quite a few cosplay enthusiasts have been embodying their favorite gaming characters for years now. But with streaming and content creation only becoming huge within the last decade, cosplaying has skyrocketed to a whole new level.

The art that is involved with bringing a character to life comes with a lot of dedication, talent and more. For one cosplay artist, gaming and streaming have been a big part of her career and life for some time now, helping her elevate her unique cosplaying skills.

Here is Rolyat and her story.

Rolyat speaks on her journey into content creation and cosplaying

For someone like Rolyat, both gaming and entertainment had been a part of her life from a young age. Finding that love and appreciation for streaming was something that came to her naturally.

"I’ve always been a huge nerd for most of my life," said Rolyat in an exclusive interview. "A lot of who I am is from the media I have consumed from a really young age. Cosplay always appealed to me as it was a creative outlet for me to dress up as my favorite childhood characters."

The time and work that goes into creating a cosplay on Rolyat's level is something many underestimate. Creating a realistic and unique-looking outfit takes an incredible amount of dedication. When it comes to gaming cosplays, Rolyat found a lot of her inspiration from conventions she attended when she was younger. This also fed into her love for streaming and creating.

"I was attending different conventions and for each one my mom would help me create costumes, which is where I learned how to sew. During this time I was also working multiple part-time jobs to fund this hobby."

Traveling to different events eventually brought Rolyat to Twitch, where her streaming journey began.

"I eventually came across Twitch and began streaming daily," said Rolyat. "Here I would play video games with my friends for hours every night. I continued to share my cosplays on social media and over time more and more eyes would see each post and I began to blow up."

Her constant consistency on social media, sharing her cosplays for everyone to appreciate, helped drive a fanbase that eventually bled over to her Twitch, where she currently has almost 50,000 followers.

"Gaming has always been a big part of my life, but what truly drew me to streaming was the opportunity to interact with people in real time. The sense of community and being able to stream with my friends was incredibly rewarding."

Rolyat also has over 900,000 followers on Twitter and more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram, where she shares all her cosplays and more.

Bridging streaming and cosplaying; Rolyat gives her insight

Being that streaming heavily indulges within the gaming market, many creators have begun to implement their cosplays within their streams or YouTube videos. Bringing a character to life is not always enough, but showcasing that character within a virtual world can heighten a cosplay to new levels.

For Rolyat, TikTok, Instagram and short-form platforms are not enough, as Twitch has become a major part of her content creation journey.

"I started streaming around five years ago," said Rolyat. "And it’s been an amazing journey so far. My main goal for my channel is to create a chill and entertaining environment, where people can hang out with me and enjoy watching my friends and me play games."

The community she has created not only is comprised of her cosplay fans but many others who have found her on Twitch due to her unique and fun personality. With a love for entertaining already under her belt, streaming ended up coming naturally to Rolyat.

"Most of my streams are gaming-focused, where a few of my friends and I play games together. I would love to venture into sharing more of my Cosplays on Twitch someday."

With so many cosplays on her other channels, such as her TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, Rolyat’s community is a perfect market to show off her creations.

Rolyat talks about her favorite cosplay and where the idea came from

When you have such a strong love for bringing different characters to life as Rolyat does, there is always one cosplay that sticks out as your favorite. For Rolyat, her favorite cosplay she's ever done is from a character many would never expect.

"Each cosplay holds a special place in my heart," said Rolyat. "But if I had to choose, I’d say my favorite would be my Korok (The Legend of Zelda) costume I made last year."

The Koroks are forest spirit beings from many different Zelda games. These creatures do not embody the human physique, making Rolyat’s cosplay of them extremely distinctive.

"I was especially proud of that cosplay because I learned a ton of new skills and was able to work on it with a few friends that made it super special!"

While Rolyat’s love for gaming, streaming and cosplaying has helped her bring many characters to life, exciting many community members of hers and more, there are still so many creations out there waiting to be put together by the popular cosplayer and creator.

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