Looking to spice up your stream? Read our guide on the best widgets and tools to add to your stream.

As streaming becomes more and more popular, people are looking for the best ways to spice up their streams. Widgets and tools have been prominent in the streaming world for some time now. Every single day a new and innovative widget is being developed.

Here is our guide to the best widgets and tools to make your stream more enjoyable for viewers.

1. Quiz Kit

Quiz Kit
Quiz Kit

Looking for a trendy tool to add to your stream? Quiz Kit is the app for you. The widget integrates questions into your stream, allowing you to host your very own game shows on your stream. You can also monetize your quizzes within the app.

Quiz Kit is the perfect way to help satisfy your viewers with fun and interactive entertainment, while also making a chunk of change. Click here to check out their website.

2. Sound Alerts

Sound Alerts (Image via Soundalerts)
Sound Alerts (Image via Soundalerts)

Looking to provide your viewers with an interactive and fun experience, while also making yourself some money? Sound Alerts is the perfect addition to your stream. This widget comes with a soundboard that viewers can pay in Twitch bits to have random sounds play on your stream.

From loud noises to inappropriate phrases, this widget is the perfect addition to help make your stream just that much more fun. Visit their website here if you are interested.

3. Sidekick

Sidekick (Image via eFuse)
Sidekick (Image via eFuse)

Starting off our list, Sidekick is the perfect tool to excite your stream. The integrative software grabs clips from your streams and other peoples' streams and will show them with just a simple command.

Thousands of streamers are utilizing this tool, daily. If you are interested in spicing up your stream the Sidekick way, click here.

4. Jackbox Audience kit

Jackbox audience kit
Jackbox audience kit

It is already apparent that Jackbox has been leading the industry in party games for quite some time now. People can play games together through the platform. Jackbox has gifted us with a new tool that allows people to integrate the game within their streams.

The widget lets viewers play alongside you as you host your favorite Jackbox games. Click here to download the widget.

5. Crowd Control

Crowd Control
Crowd Control

With over 60,000 streamers, Crowd Control is the newest way for viewers to interact with their favorite streamers. The widget allows for viewers to exchange bits or channel points to activate in-game effects. This feature could give players level-ups in games, or even sabotage their game by doing something such as inverting their controls.

Crowd Control is a fun way for viewers to mess with you or help you while also being monetizable. If you are interested in checking the widget out, click here.

Keep up the hard work!

Whether you are a new streamer or a veteran, there are always new ways to spice up your stream. As the industry continues to grow, we will continue to see more and more innovative tools created for your streams.

Update your stream now with the latest and greatest widgets and tools.

Stay tuned to esports.gg for more streaming and esports news.

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