Can we replicate Evo Moment 37 in SF6?

The Street Fighter series keeps a subtle balance between following old traditions and striving to meet modern gaming standards. SF6 has many classic elements, such as character moves, but the game still should be played differently. Let’s figure out how to do the Daigo Parry in SF6.

Evo Moment 37 in SF6

The very idea of repeating something in fighting games feels to be somewhat artificial. Matches here are dynamic and unpredictable. If you're preparing yourself to recreate Evo Moment 37 in Street Fighter 6, that may not happen at all. However, someone might just be playing the game when the Daigo Parry in SF6 happens to them spontaneously.

We describe Evo Moment 37 and its importance for the fighting games community (FGC) in a dedicated post. Please check it out for details. In a nutshell, Justin Wong tried to unleash Chun-Li's Super Attack II. But his opponent, Daigo Umehara, performed a mind-blowing parry, which required precise pressing of directional and attack buttons. The Daigo Parry is epic and legendary! It helped fighting esports survive while shaping the modern competitive scene.

In Street Fighter 6, we have the same two characters and options for repeating Evo Moment 37.

  • Chun-Li in SF6 has Hoyoku-sen among her Super Attacks.
  • Ken, the character of Daigo, can use the universal mechanic of Drive Parry.
Hoyoku-sen (Image via
Hoyoku-sen (Image via

How to recreate Evo Moment 37 in SF6

The parry part in Street Fighter 6 is simpler than in the original game, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. All you need to do is to perform Drive Parry.

  • Drive Parry can be activated by pressing MP+MK (Medium Punch + Kick). The technique consumes your Drive Meter, and it requires quite a lot of this resource.

Every character in the roster can use Drive Parry. It’s part of the universal Drive System.

So, press and hold MP+MK when a Chun-Li player tries to land their Hoyoku-sen on your Ken. This will be Evo Moment 37 in SF6 only to a certain extent, with no counter-attack and punishment. 

You can also take this trick to the next level by doing a Perfect Drive Parry. It requires some of Daigo’s skills. Press and hold MP+MK one frame before or on the very first frame of Chun-Li’s Super Attack. The frame window for this Perfect Parry is only two frames. You will get hit with even a slight delay. An early pressing of MP+MK will activate a normal Drive Parry.

The Perfect Daigo Parry in SF6 will allow you to land a counter-attack after Hoyoku-sen, and that will be a full Evo Moment 37.

A Perfect Parry is distinguished by typical slow-down and zoom-in effects. Can you do it?

SF6 Evo Moment 37 with Justin Wong and Daigo

In a way, the original participants have recreated their iconic battle. Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara had an online Street Fighter 6 match, and something similar to Evo Moment 37 happened. But sure, Justin played Cammy, so it’s only a vague comparison for fun. He activated a Super Attack, but Daigo parried and punished it.

Justin Wong continues playing Street Fighter III, and time after time he has to live through Evo Moment 37 again.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike will be playable at Evo Japan 2024 between April 27 and April 29 and at Evo 2024 between July 19 and July 21). May we have a pro recreation of Evo Moment 37, please? For everything exciting related to Street Fighter and fighting games, stay tuned to