What does Street Fighter 6 crossplay look like?

The Street Fighter series is a great classic of the fighting genre. The newest game, SF6, took significant steps towards modern standards, such as simplified inputs and a vast adventure mode. Is it also true with the crossplay feature? Can people from different gaming systems have crossplay in Street Fighter 6?

Is SF6 crossplay?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 is a crossplay game.

Online matchmaking in Street Fighter 6 is simply excellent. Not only can you play with friends and random opponents at a relatively big physical distance, but also, you can access SF6 cross-platform fights from all the supported systems.

It sure is the industry standard at this point, and it’s great to see the Capcom developers implementing full crossplay support for SF6. The advantages are:

  • You can have playing sessions with any friend, regardless of the platform they play Street Fighter 6 on;
  • You have many random opponents to connect with almost at any time of the day. Crossplay of Street Fighter 6 substantially reduces the time of searching for a fight partner.
Crossplay in Street Fighter 6 (Image Source: Capcom)
Crossplay in Street Fighter 6 (Image Source: Capcom)

What platforms is Street Fighter 6 available on?

This fighting game abandoned the idea of Street Fighter 5 to be a console exclusive for PlayStation 4. SF6 is available on most modern gaming platforms.

You can play Street Fighter 6 on:

  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X and S
  • PC

Is SF6 available on the Nintendo Switch?

No, Street Fighter 6 is too demanding to run on the Switch. On the Nintendo console, you can play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. It includes many classic games, such as different versions of Street Fighter II, III, and Alpha.

Does crossplay affect SF6 performance?

Crossplay works fine in Street Fighter 6. The technical aspects are fully covered, and you will not have issues.

Still, some gamers don’t like this feature, especially console players. It is widely considered that PC players are more likely to install cheating software, and to avoid this threat, you may want to play with opponents on consoles only.

Real issues that affect SF6 performance are the quality of your Internet connection, so play Street Fighter 6 and any other fighting game through the Ethernet cable. If you play on a computer, the power of your PC may affect your performance negatively. Decreasing the video quality may solve such problems.

How do you disable/enable SF6 crossplay?

If you decide to disable crossplay in Street Fighter 6, do it in the general Options menu or in the Matchmaking menu.

  1. Press the Options/Menu button on your controller
  2. Head to the Game tab
  3. Select only your platform or all the platforms in the Crossplay Settings.
  4. Head to the Matchmaking menu and adjust your Crossplay Setting, in the Battle Hub

Hopefully, you will have the best time playing Street Fighter 6! For more info on this game and esports in general, stay tuned to esports.gg.