Error codes like 50607, 50200, 50301, and others can stall your Street Fighter 6 experience. Fix all the 50000 errors with our help!

Street Fighter 6, the latest entry in the classic fighting game franchise, relies on online-play for the majority of its features, which is why error codes can be incredibly frustrating. The “50000” series of error codes, such as error code 50607, error code 50200, error code 50301, etc. are especially annoying, because they can stop the game in its tracks. Here’s how to solve them:

What causes the 50000 error codes in Street Fighter 6?

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The 50000 series of error codes relate to communication issues with the game’s servers. Depending on the code, you can usually work out if it's an issue on your side, with the Capcom servers, or a generic internet issue. There’s literally dozens of these error codes (that’s why they need codes to identify them), but we’ve got solutions for the most common below.

How to solve error code 50607 in SF6

This frustrating error seems to be related to some kind of port or security issues. A Steam user suggested that they’d solved this by using a VPN while playing. As a result, we’d recommend the following steps to solve Street Fighter 6 error 50607:

  1. Disable any firewalls or create a new exception for Street Fighter 6 in your firewall and network security
  2. Attempt using a VPN to connect to the game.
  3. Once in game, make sure you’re connecting to an appropriate region (one close to your home region)

How to solve error code 50200 in Street Fighter 6

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Error code 50200 is a more catch-all, generic error code for connection issues. For PC players, we recommend the following:

  1. Restart your game, and your PC or Console. This can solve many issues, and should always be tried first.
  2. Restart your Router. Connection issues can be as simple as a router update or needing to reset your IP address.
  3. Check your game version is up to date. SF6 frequently updates, so it’s best to make sure you’re not missing an update.
  4. Change your region or server is the closest to your own. Using a region other than your own to play can result in lag or even disconnection in some cases.

How to solve error code 50301 in SF6

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Error code 50301 is a server issue on Capcom’s side. Unfortunately, there’s no fix for this one, except a bit of patience on your side. Check the official Street Fighter 6 Twitter to see if there’s any reports of downtime, otherwise just sit back and wait!

And that’s how to solve the most common "50000" series of Street Fighter 6 error codes, including 50607, 50200, and 50301. If you’re still having issues, check out Street Fighter 6 Communication Error – What it means and how to fix, and stay tuned to for more SF6 content!

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